Top G-Spot Positions to Try During Penetrative Sex & Foreplay

Yes, we’re really into the clitoris, but why stop there? If you know how to stimulate your G-spot through penetrative sex, that’s another pleasure point to add to your list. 

Sure, it’s not all about penetration, but it is pretty great, and we like it just as much as everything else! But it can be tricky, especially for vulva owners… 

You see, one of the hardest things about penetrative sex is preventing it from becoming monotonous. And of course, the goal is for both partners to be equally as satisfied. 

For vulva owners however, many don’t know how to achieve orgasm through penetration. And if they, or their partner, don’t know how to stimulate the G-spot during penetration, then the potential to orgasm via different G-spot positions, is sadly null and void. 

In fact, Dr. Laurie Mintz, professor of psychology and sexuality at the University of Florida and author of the book, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters – And How to Get It wrote:

“Not achieving climax with another person is a serious problem which affects 50% of women aged 18-35”. 

Speaking of the orgasm gap, a study was done on men and women by the Kinsey Institute. It revealed that only 61 percent of women reached orgasm during their study as opposed to men, where that number is near 86 percent. 

This is clearly an imbalance. Could it possibly be because of a lack of knowledge about the G-spot and how much importance people place on the clitoris? After all, the clitoris does have over 10,000 nerve endings which is a clear indication that it really is a powerhouse for orgasms. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the only route to pleasure for women.

Where is the G-spot?

The G-spot, which is short for the Gräfenberg spot, is a slightly bumpy, rigid, and raised area about five to eight centimeters inside of the vagina. 

And even though a lot of vulva owners prefer clitoral stimulation, you may be surprised to learn that the G-spot is actually a part of the clitoral network. That’s right! When you stimulate the G-spot, you’re indirectly stimulating the clitoris too. 

How can this be? Well, forget about what many believe the clitoris to be (a small, round external nub). The clitoris is actually a root-shaped structure, with the two “roots” extending inside of the vagina. 

Having said that, some people find it hard to find and stimulate the G-spot—whether it’s via fingering or penetrative sex. And it doesn’t help that the G-spot isn’t a distinct part of the anatomy, nor is it shown on any map of the human body.

We know it may seem like mission impossible—but it really isn’t once you’ve read our guide on how to find, stimulate, and enjoy it in all its glory. 

How to Find the G-spot with Your Fingers

The G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina. The simplest way to access it with your fingers would be to insert them into the vaginal entrance, then shaping them like a hook.

When you do this, your fingertips need to be facing the front wall (like you’re pointing towards the belly button). This will make it easier to detect different depths and textures. It’ll also help you a lot whilst on your adventure to find the G-spot. 

And don’t forget: your excitement is also part of the search! The more aroused you are, the easier it is to find the G-spot! This is because, when stimulated, the G-spot swells and protrudes slightly from the vaginal wall.

Then, when you’ve found the G-spot, you can move your fingers in a “come hither” motion to really stimulate it. You can also press it gently or rub it softly, using different levels of pressure. It’s all about finding what feels the most erotic for you.

The fun part about stimulating the G-spot is that, with practice, you can incorporate new ways of enjoying G-spot orgasms. For example, you can incorporate G-spot sex toys into your play time. 

G-spot sex toys come in a variety of shapes, angles, materials, and vibrational intensities and patterns, so you really can customize your pleasure. 

Aside from fingering the G-spot and using sex toys, we absolutely love G-spot sex positions that really hit the spot. So, vulva owners, let’s close the orgasm gap by having the best G-spot sex, shall we?

Top 5 G-Spot Sex Positions

Lucky for us, we have the chance to experiment with all kinds of sexual activity to find our favorites. 

And if you’re up for a new kind of play and/or a different kind of orgasm, we have a few incredible G-spot sex positions to try with your partner during penetration. 

With consent, of course, here are the top sex positions for G-spot stimulation:

1. Cowgirl G-Spot Position

You may have heard of the cowgirl position—heck, you may have even tried it before! But, with the mindfulness and knowledge of knowing how to get that beautiful G-spot stimulation, you could transcend your experience.

The cowgirl sex position is when the penetrating partner is on their back, and the partner who will be penetrated will climb on top and straddle them. 

Why is this an excellent G-spot position to try? The partner on top can control the speed, depth, and angle of penetration. We suggest rocking back and forth, which can stimulate the G-spot region against the inner vaginal wall.


2. Doggy Style G-Spot Position 

The chances of you trying doggy style are high, because this is often a favourite for many. But, if you enjoy doggy style sex with the purpose of hitting the G-spot, your experience may be a whole lot different (hint: it’ll probably be better!).

Doggy style sex is when the partner being penetrated is on their hands and knees while the penetrating partner is behind them, thrusting. 

But how can this position be maximized for the best G-spot sex? Have the partner being penetrated put some of their weight onto their forearms while pushing their hips backwards. By pushing the hips, one can find the best angle and position in order to hit the G-spot. 

Doggy Style

3. Spooning Sex G-Spot Position

Who doesn’t love a good spoon! It’s not only a way to get more intimate with a partner, but it also allows for other kinds of stimulation during penetrative sex (e.g clitoral stimulation). The cherry on top though? Spooning is one of the best positions for G-spot bliss. 

To practice this G-spot sex position, the partner being penetrated will lay down on their side with their knees slightly bent, and the penetrating partner will lay on their side, behind the one being penetrated. Then, the big spoon will penetrate the little spoon.

Why is it so fantastic for G-spot stimulation? The angle is perfect for reaching the front wall!


4. Legs on the Shoulder G-Spot Position

This sex position allows for deep penetration, yes, but it also offers the chance to really hit the G-spot. Both of these are possible because when the partner being penetrated has their legs raised, it narrows the vagina, which prompts G-spot stimulation. 

To practice this G-spot sex position is very simple. The one being penetrated will be on their back while their partner gets on top of them. In this way, partners are face-to-face. The partner on the bottom will then place their legs onto the penetrating partner’s shoulders… and voila.

A tip: for deeper penetration, you could place a pillow under the bottom partner's hips. 

Leg on the Soulders

5. The Wheelbarrow G-Spot Position

Love sex standing up? Go for gold with this G-spot position guaranteed to get your juices flowing.  

To practice The Wheelbarrow, the partner being penetrated will get on their hands and feet. Then, the penetrating partner will pick them up by the pelvis. To keep in position, the one being penetrated will grip the penetrating partner’s waist with their thighs. 

Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? What makes it even more exciting is the fact that it provides the perfect angle for G-spot stimulation

A tip: If the one being penetrated finds this position too difficult or tiresome, they can lean on a table or the side of a bed. This will give their arms a bit of a break. 

The Wheelbarrow

And there you have it—the lowdown on what the G-spot is, where it’s found, and how to stimulate it with either the fingers or during sex. What are your thoughts? Are you ready to engage in a few saucy G-spot foreplay or sex positions? 

If you feel nervous to try this kind of play with a partner, you could always do some solo exploration. Masturbation is an excellent way to become more in-tune with your body, and to find out what you really love.

Either way, we’re sure you’re absolutely going to love G-spot orgasms… and you definitely deserve them!

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