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The best relationship you have is with yourself.

There’s a strong connection between spirituality and sexuality. And enjoying the perks of a spiritual sexual journey need not be with a partner. With a crystal dildo, you have the power to explore a more intense, sexually satisfying, and transcendent experience.

By using crystal dildos, you can mindfully expand your sexual energy, working on your sexual chakra and connecting with yourself, or your partner, on multiple different levels—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Crystal Dildos in the Spotlight

Of late, there’s been a shift in the realm of sex toys and sexuality. Today, we’re looking at a new way of experiencing pleasure, one that involves a relationship between the physical and the sexually spiritual.

And while there are many who have been treasuring, cleansing, and charging crystals as a means to clear negative energy and enhance positive aspects, we now have the opportunity to merge sex and spirituality in a beautiful, healing, and sensual manner.

What Are Crystal Dildos?

Crystal dildos are love toys that are 100 percent made of natural materials. In its raw and natural state, it can be found in various different shapes and sizes. A crystal dildo on the other hand has been carefully crafted from a single piece of natural stone. It’s a solid and unique crystal, meticulously moulded into the shape of a dildo with a smooth exterior, without unnatural additives.

Crystal dildos are powerful, beautiful, and natural and are almost an antithesis to ‘normal’ sex toys, which are made from synthetic materials such as silicone. In this way, they’re the perfect addition to your collection of crystals (and sex toys) as they fill the space with sexual energy that’s overwhelmingly magnificent and spiritual.

How Are Crystal Dildos Made?

Crystals can be found anywhere in the world, and they can be sawn, manipulated, scanned, and polished to perfection. And the same applies when it comes to crystal dildos.

During this process, the manufacturer will use a light to check for any cracks or blemishes, making sure that there are no imperfections that do, or can, exist. Then, once the crystal passes quality control, it’ll be shaped into a smooth, elegant, and blissful pleasure product.

The last step is placing the crystal dildo in a drum for a few hours, which will keep the stone smooth and supple, then rinsing it with water and polishing it.

Crystals & Their Healing Powers

These beautiful gifts from nature have healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul, promoting the flow of good energy. Each type of crystal holds its own abundance of power, and—when held, used, and indulged with mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance—can transform the way in which you live, experience, and engage with yourself and others, mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Every crystal overflows with different kinds of energies, and that’s why people choose their stones according to their needs and wants. Whether it’s in the form of a necklace, ring, ornament, crystal wand dildo, or a raw and gorgeous stone straight from the earth, finding a crystal that resonates with you, what you’re lacking or looking for, is essential.

Crystal Wand Dildos at Bijoux Indiscrets

At Bijoux Indiscrets, we offer three gorgeous crystal wands. We have our Saktion Rose Quartz Dildo, our Indian Jade Dildo, and our Obsidian Dildo, all of which are brimming with sexual energy and power.

  • Our Saktion Rose Quartz Dildo is made of rose quartz crystal and is simply drenched in harmony, tenderness, love, and self-care. It represents love and compassion, for yourself and/or others, thus it is strongly connected to the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It promotes a path of self-discovery through self-pleasure and connection, using the natural properties that this sensual piece of the earth holds. This stone will also help you to enjoy your sexuality, evoke and unblock feelings, and allow you to open yourself up to give and receive love.
  • Our Indian Jade Dilido is a natural pleasure product that’s full of youthful and zestful energy. It enhances one’s level of confidence, resonates with the heart chakra, and harmonizes the emotional body. It’s a calming and soothing stone that encourages mindfulness, and keeps you grounded in the present so that you can enjoy all of the blissful pleasure that it brings.
  • Then, our Obsidian Dildo will be perfect for those who want to release mental stress and tension, and find a healthy balance not only on the outside but also, on the inside. It has a powerful clearing energy and promotes a connection between your body and the earth, making it a remarkable natural stone to use during your sessions of self-love.
  • If you’re ready and open to owning a pleasure product that’s brimming with feminine sexual energy, then you’ll adore our three crystal wand dildos. Embark on a path of self-discovery through self-pleasure and connection, using the natural properties of our sensual love stones.

    Tapping into your sexual energy has never been so blissfully spiritual, magical, and powerful.

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