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Play time has officially begun!

It’s time to take your bedroom play to new levels of exciting bliss. Whether you’ve got a sex life that’s piping hot, or you’re looking for a new muse to add to your couples sex, there’s always something wildly erotic you can have fun with!

At Bijoux Indiscrets, we place big importance on couples who play together. Sexuality is such an important part of any intimate relationship, and we know of a few saucy ways that you can add an extra touch of magic to your trysts! Here’s our proposal for you: sex toys for couples!

Couples Sex Toys

At Bijoux Indiscrets, we place way more focus on pleasure rather than the physical act of sex. And there is a big difference between the two. When penetration and orgasm become the goal, it takes away from the pleasurable journey. Couples may start chasing that elusive orgasm, instead of basking in various types of pleasure that’s possible during couples play.

And using sex toys for couples is a great way to start focusing on pleasure as opposed to penetration. From couples vibrators, to other sex toys for couples, why not go on a new adventure with your lover?

Better Couples Sex with Bijoux Indiscrets

Couples sex can be made infinitively more seductive with the use of sex toys! We believe that these gorgeous pleasure products are merely an aid to enhance your levels of intimacy, and create a new kind of sexual energy that’s arousing and sensual.

We have sex toys for couples worn by vulva owners, and sex toys for couples worn by penis owners. We also have sex toys for couples that can be shared in any which way you desire. So why not consider one or more vibrators for couples at Bijoux Indiscrets?

Sex Toys for Couples Worn by Vulva Owners

The LELO Tiani 3 Couples Massager is a state-of-the-art and luxurious couples sex toy that’s worn by the vulva owner during penetrative sex. And by placing it inside of the vagina, the G-spot and the clitoris will be stimulated. At the same time, the penis owner will be able to feel those sexy vibes on their shaft, creating exceedingly high levels of arousal for both.

This majestic pleasure product is a remote control vibrator, so you really can take your pleasure into your own hands.

Sex Toys for Couples Worn by Penis Owners

A cock ring is an aid worn by penis owners to give them harder, stronger, and more powerful erections. But this isn’t the only perk to these gorgeous vibrators for couples.

The MIO Vibrating Cock Ring is lusciously soft, and enhances pleasure for both the penis owner and the vulva owner with its sensual and erotic vibration capabilities. It’s smooth, stretchy, vegan, and brimming with orgasmic potential.

We also love the LELO TOR 2 Penis Ring, and we know that you will too! It’s soft and flexible, and made of silicone that adapts to almost all sizes. It’s also waterproof, has six different vibration modes, and gives both partners a heightened level of arousal and ultimate satisfaction.

Shared Sex Toys for Couples and Genderless Sex Toys

If you’re looking for a couples vibrator that isn’t actually worn by a specific partner, but can be used sensually all over, we think you’ll adore the LELO Smart Wand.

It’s an opulent couples vibrator that is compact yet mighty. It uses the power of SenseTouch to adapt its level of intensity, based on pressure (in other words, the more pressure you add, the stronger the sensation!). And it’s 100 percent waterproof for splashes of couples sex in water. Also, you could use this Smart Wand as a means to massage and tease your partner in lesser-known erogenous zones, making it a sexy and creative form of foreplay. A genderless sex toy for any and all bodies.

Couples sex toys; let’s get this party started!

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