Erotic Stories to Tickle Your Mind & Your Pleasure

Erotic stories and novels are by no means something new. But they are most certainly rising in popularity once again—and for good reason.

These hot and steamy pieces of literature give you the chance to go on a sexually thrilling adventure of the body and the mind. And it does this in such a way that’s personal and arousing for you.

Imagine exploring some of your most intimate fantasies in a comfortable environment. You’re able to go to all kinds of exciting places outside of your comfort zone without judgment—a place that stimulates your mind (and your erogenous zones, if you so choose).

Sounds like a sexy place, doesn’t it? But there are so many other benefits to reading erotic stories!

Why Reading Sexy Short Stories is the Gateway to Arousal

Like a mental and sexual massage, reading sexy short stories allows you to get your head and your body in ‘the mood’ (which is so often required for women). It’s a way in which to provoke the senses and awaken feelings of lust, desire, seduction, and sensuality.

This gateway to arousal opens up a new channel of possibilities. For one, if you find yourself enthralled and deeply connected to an erotic short story, the chances of you wanting to replicate it in real life are quite high. What does this mean? The opportunity to try new experiences and to possibly fulfill certain fantasies.

Not just that, but when you give yourself the chance to indulge in erotic short stories without shame or guilt, you can begin to break down personal myths and taboos that may be hindering you from enjoying your very best sexual experiences.

Apart from that, did you know that you may be able to float away into a blissful bubble of arousal while reading erotic storylines if you’re feeling stressed or anxious?

How is it possible to turn those overwhelming feelings into positive ones…

Reading Erotic Short Stories: More Than a Moment of Self-Love

Picture it: you’ve had a stressful day and it doesn’t look as though it’s going to get better any time soon. Is there anything you can do to get you out of your funk? Go for an erotic read! According to a sex educator, you can actually interrupt your stress and anxiety by replacing it with something that gives off the same physical response, such as an increased heart rate. Arousal? Indeed! Reading erotic sexy stories could turn feelings of being scared or overwhelmed into feelings of arousal.

On the other hand, reading erotic storylines is also a great idea to simply wind down and reduce stress. You may find that, as you enjoy an erotic read and begin to experience arousal, your mood will improve and your daily rhythm will slow down.

All in all, reading erotica is a great way to release tension, relax, and to enjoy pleasure.

Read Smut Stories with Bijoux Indiscrets

Less stress, more imagination… one-handed reads are what we’re all about at Bijoux Indiscrets.

We’re so proud of our own unique and exclusive erotic literature composed of erotic short stories written by you! Yes, you—our readers!

Every so often, we run erotic story contests of which we choose a handful of the best (keep your eyes peeled to enter and win prizes), and turn it into a magazine of erotic short stories online. We call it the “Wet Paper” aptly named for its ability to let your body experience the beauty and pleasure of arousal.

With all of the numerous benefits of reading sexy short stories, treat yourself with this uninhibited gift of self-love, removing all taboos and stepping into new realms of adventure for the body and mind.

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