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Clitherapy Experience Box

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Clitherapy: Dedicated to the Clitoris!

Is your clitoris—a beautiful and pleasurable part of the vulva—ready for a climax upgrade? Clitherapy—your orgasmic remedy to surviving the dating app era!

Well, not just that! Our Clitherapy range can be used for a number of different occasions!

Feeling bored? Lonely? Aroused? Maybe you’re totally over dating in general or the inability for your ex partners to be able to hit the right spot during intimacy? You may even be looking for sensual and very useful gifts for your single friends? Yeah, we’ve got you!

We’ve designed a range of clitoral balms, liquid vibrator serums, who oral sex mints, and finger bullet vibrator toys for vulva owners that’ll make you swoon.

Each item has been created to bring you into your own body and into your own sacred space so that you can imbibe all of the self-love that you undoubtedly deserve.

Our Clitherapy range consists of:

  • A finger bullet vibrator
  • A liquid vibrator
  • Clitoral balms
  • Oral sex mints

And there’s an occasion, mood, time, and place to enjoy each!

Whether you’re treating yourself after a bad date, dealing with an intolerable ex, looking for that perfect swipe, or seeking a delicious gift for your single friend, Clitherapy is a collection made just for vulva owners!

Clitherapy: A Finger Bullet Vibrator That is Better Than Your Ex!

In a strange yet accurate analogy: just imagine two people playing a game of tennis. Each player has hugely different tennis-playing abilities, yet both are swinging, hitting (not hitting!) and missing, resulting in considerable disappointment. It’s true that some people simply don’t play well together.

And while some activities are teachable, there are others that are actually better enjoyed when you’re by yourself.

Cue the finger bullet vibrator, Better Than Your Ex!

If you’ve experienced a bit of a ‘hit-and-a-miss’ with an ex partner, this finger bullet vibrator will make you feel like you’ve struck gold.

You’ll have the power to hold this mighty toy in your hand, move it effortlessly until you reach that sweet spot, and thrive in gorgeous orgasms! It’s petite, powerful, and, quite possibly better than your ex!

Clitherapy: You + Liquid Vibrator = It’s a Match!

A super match between you and your clit! The It’s a Match Liquid Vibrator will make you forget all about your incompatible matches in the endless sea of online dating. In other words, using it is essentially the same as giving yourself a ‘Super Like’!

What does it do? It gives your clitoris an instant tingling and warming effect, prompting blood flow to the area. And do you know what that means? A more sensitive clit that’s ready to whisk you away to even bigger climaxes.

This liquid vibrator contains Acmella Flower Extract (known for its inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties), and Aloe Vera which soothes and hydrates.

Better yet, it’ll help you forget about your phone for a while, as well as your list of undesirable matches, and allow the self-love spotlight to shine on you and only you!

Clitherapy: Clitoral Balm Gifts for Your Single Friend

So your friend is down in the dumps because they’ve recently broken up with their partner? Or maybe they’re embracing their single status and focusing on their own pleasure? Why not make their journey exceedingly better by gifting them with a clitoral balm with their name on it?

The Horny Jar Clitherapy Balm is the perfect gift for your single friend who you believe deserves the same kind of pleasure you do! It’s the kind of orgasmic treat that’ll have them forget all about that “WYD'' or “Wanna come over" text. Instead, it’ll set the scene for hot and heavy orgasms for one!

This clitoral balm has a smooth texture because of its coconut and almond oil base, and gives off a tantalising warming effect, increasing blood flow to the clitoris for bigger and better orgasms. Bonus? It’s compatible with erotic toys! Why not choose a pleasure product to go with the Horny Jar Clitoral Balm and create a personalised package of gifts for your single friend (or for you!)?

Clitherapy: Oral Sex Mints for That Perfect Swipe

You know that feeling when you’re swiping aimlessly? Then finally, you feel as though you’ve found your perfect match, only to find out that they’re not really what you were after?

Well, move over online dating… there’s a new perfect swipe out there that never fails to please.

And sure, the Clitherapy Oral Sex Mints were made for your partner to suck on deliciously, but you’re the one who’ll receive all the pleasure when they slowly inch themselves to your clitoris, swiping away for ultimate bliss.

These sugar free mints give off temperature contrasts as the menthol creates a cooling effect on their saliva, and your vulva keeps things warm and tasty.

This combination of warm and cool gives you a slew of new sensations to enjoy with your partner during oral sex. And, you’ll never have to look back at those online swipes that were, in retrospect, a huge mistake.

Clitherapy Sexting: Read Fast, Type Fast, Come Fast!

Having two hands is a blessing for a number of reasons. And when it comes to sexting, well, we’re pretty darn lucky that we can hold our mobile phone and get ourselves all warm, tingly, and sensual at the same time.

Our Clitoral Sexting Balm was created for those who want to read fast, type fast, and come fast!

Get a near-instant blood flow boost for extra sensitivity, and feel a delicious warming effect with a simple ‘swipe’ across the surface of the balm that’s loaded with a coconut and almond oil base.

Place it on your clitoris, get sexting, and start playing! With those erotic texts and images, plus your handy little jar of Clitoral Sexting Balm, you’ll be unstoppable in pleasure.

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