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Better Sex for couples

Enhance your intimacy & connection, and be closer to your partner than ever.

Intimacy has the power to strengthen a bond between couples, which then reinforces closeness, love, and affection.

But in case you were wondering, intimacy and romance are not the same thing—even though they both have the ability to influence each other.

Intimacy and Sex

Sex is not simply penetration. Sex is an energy, an experience, a moment where two people are fully engaged with one another. It’s at the heart of a strong relationship, which is why intimacy is so important when it comes to sex.

And because intimacy increases levels of trust, closeness, and vulnerability between partners, couples who have intimacy often make better sex partners. Essentially, the more intimacy you share with your partner, the better the sex may be.

In other words: intimacy builds sex and sex builds intimacy. It’s luscious and lustful cycle that, when experienced, allows better sex for couples.

Then, of course, there’s the physical act of sex. Sex can be experience without intimacy, like a physical exchange in the form of a one night stand, for example.

And while these kinds of trysts can be a lot of fun (if done safely and consensually), there’s nothing more intimate than vulnerably offering all of yourself to someone—the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.

In short, deepening the connection you have with your partner has the power to lead to amazing sex, and who doesn’t want amazing sex?

Better Sex with Bijoux Indiscrets

To increase your couple connection, and enjoy better couples sex, we have two treats that were made for those who want to add a touch of intimacy to their play time.

Our Slow Sex Gift Box is a passionate compilation of products, allowing you to tease and please in a number of different ways.

You’ll be treated with our Oral Sex Balm that gives a cooling and gliding effect with an exotic coconut aroma, Nipple Play Gel with a minty flavor to stimulate and sensitize the nipples, and our Clitoral Balm which has an arousing warming effect for even stronger orgasms.

Then, our Slow Sex Experience Box too is a sensous and sassy set that’ll induce better sex for couples. This box is more extensive than our Gift Box, so it’ll really stir up a slew of intimate and erotic sensations.

It contains our Hair and Skin Shimmer Dry Oil, Anal Play Gel, Finger Play Gel, Oral Sex Balm, Nipple Play Gel, Clitoral Balm, Full Body Massage Oil, Warming Massage Oil, an Intimate Solid Perfume, a Mouthwatering Spray for Oral Sex, and Oral Sex Strips. A bonus? It comes with a cotton canvas tote bag and a travel pouch, so you can take your pleasure wherever your passion leads you.

Share all of yourself with your lover, because the deep, sexual, and emotional bond will be well worth it.

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