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Sensations · Massage Candle

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Massage Candles: An Intimate Fusion of Lust for the Senses

Imagine being with your partner, someone you trust wholeheartedly. A person who makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, that spending time with them is simply effortless, stimulating, erotic, and beautiful.

This is the perfect set up to begin experimenting with sensual massage and using massage candles for couples play.

You see, there’s immense power in touch—especially when it comes to intimacy. It not only paves the way for two people to create a deeper connection and a stronger bond, but also helps individuals form a deeper understanding of themselves and their arousal.

And those aren’t the only benefits to intimate massages! They too help individuals and couples relax, ease into their arousal, improve or remove physical pain, and could even aid in multiple orgasms (yes, really!).

Which is why we’ve curated massage candles for couples to use to enhance their levels of intimacy and to tap into the sheer beauty that is a fusion of scent, touch, and sight.

Our massage candles for couples have been specially formulated to heighten your senses. Each massage candle has a unique formula each with its own scent, design, and ability to turn date night into something spectacular.

Ready to indulge?

How to Use Candles During Sex

While many may like to refer to it as using candles during sex, we prefer to call it intimacy.

This is because using massage candles for partnered pleasure can be so overwhelmly sensual, encompassing an array of intimate acts, such as kissing, foreplay, penetration, and more.

Either way, here are a few ideas on how to use candles during sex, intimacy, foreplay, penetration, or whatever feels most comfortable for you to express this special bonding moment.

  • Use the glow of your candle to create a warm and inviting atmosphere as you get comfortable with one another
  • Once your massage candle has melted, slowly drop some of it onto your partner's body without prior stimulation for an added element of surprise
  • Rub the massage candle oil onto your palms, then use your fingers to ‘walk’ across their body for a different kind of sensation
  • Glide your massage candle oil slowly and seductively around your lover’s erogenous zones, such as their breasts, nipples, and thighs
  • If your massage candle is edible (and can be used on the genitals), enjoy bouts of oral sex for an even racier experience
  • Take turns massaging each other and let your slippery bodies move together for a body-to-body experience

One thing to remember about massage candles and using these kinds of candles during sex: they aren’t the same as using regular wax candles.

Regular wax candles will heat up at a much higher temperature, and give you the opportunity to engage in wax play.

Massage candles however are for a more sensual experience, giving off a warm temperature and a smooth, moisturising effect once the candle has melted.

Both are equally as tantalising though, so why not experiment with both to find new levels of euphoria?

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