Is Squirting and Female Ejaculation the Same Thing?

The adult industry has sexualised “squirting” to such an extent, that most people merely see it as being entirely erotic without really knowing what it is. 

And actually, the sexualisation of vulva owners releasing fluid during peak sexual excitement is nothing new! It can be read about in Japanese erotica from centuries ago, and in the Kama Sutra.

Interestingly however, what we believe squirting to be could just be something completely different. It could actually be female ejaculation. 

In other words (spoiler alert): squirting and female ejaculation are not the same thing, despite being similar.

Of course this can be chalked up to sexual education (or rather, a lack thereof), which is why we aim to teach you all about squirting and female ejaculation. 

We believe that everyone should know what their beautiful bodies are doing, and what they are capable of, because both squirting and female ejaculation can be a thrilling and orgasmic experience.

The Difference Between Squirting and Female Ejaculation

As we now know, there is a difference between squirting and female ejaculation. And while the differences are subtle, they are different nonetheless. 

Let’s look at both squirting and female ejaculation to decipher the differences, and to learn more about this erotic experience.

What is Squirting?

Squirting is when a vulva owner expels fluid from the vagina, that comes from the bladder, during stimulation and arousal. The fluid itself is made up of urine, uric acid, and creatine (basically, it’s watered-down urine). 

It can be expelled during any kind of sexual play, be it masturbation, foreplay, or penetration, and the volume is usually around 150 milliliters of fluid. In fact, it is often squirting that you see in adult films (fluid gushing out the vagina), as it releases far more fluid than female ejaculation.

One of the most common ways to induce squirting is via the G-spot. In vulva owners, the G-spot is found one to three inches inside of the vagina, and when stimulated, could bring about all kinds of delicious orgasms. Not just that, but it could also induce the action of squirting. 

But is squirting and orgasming the same thing? Actually, no. During an orgasm, a vulva owner’s vaginal muscles will contract resulting in an orgasm. Squirting, on the other hand, is in no way related to the contraction of the vaginal muscles, and thus is not the same as orgasming. 

What is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is a thicker and whiter fluid that’s expelled from the vagina. It comes from the Skene’s glands (oftentimes called the ‘female prostate’), and can be found on the front wall of the vagina, surrounding the urethra. 

Why is the Skene’s glands called the female prostate? Well, it’s been said that only penis owners have prostates (a walnut-sized gland that can be stimulated via the anus in penis-owners for sexual euphoria). But really, there is research to suggest that vulva owners have a prostate too. 

It’s been found that vulva owners produce the same protein as the prostate, called ‘prostate-specific antigen’ (PSA), and they have tissue that is similar to the prostate in penis owners. 

Also, it’s been shown that the levels of PSA rise when a vulva owner has cancer of the Skene’s gland and when a penis owner has cancer of the prostate. 

Essentially, the research concluded that the Skene’s gland is indeed the ‘female prostate’ in vulva owners, and that the fluid that’s excreted is very similar to that of semen.

Having had a look at both squirting and female ejaculation, let’s move onto the next topic: who and how can a vulva owner experience it…

Can All Vulva Owners Squirt?

This question is a difficult one to answer, as there are so many different debates on the matter. 

Some believe that all vulva owners can squirt with practice (and those who do are called “the dependents”). Others believe that vulva owners can squirt without any practice (and those who do are called “the autonomous”). 

Then there are a few who believe that some vulva owners simply are incapable of experiencing it.

If you are intrigued to try squirting though, why not play around with the following exciting steps?

Slowly ease into your sexual energy by stimulating the clitoris, allowing the blood to flow to your erogenous zones. When you’re feeling relaxed and sexually excited, start stimulating your G-spot (either by doing the ‘come hither’ motion with your finger(s), or using a G-spot sex toy). 

If you’re unsure of where your G-spot is, you can insert one or more fingers into the vagina, curl them so that they’re towards your stomach, and feel the area until you find a raised and bumpy region. This is the G-spot, which is actually erectile tissue.

Whilst enjoying G-spot stimulation, you’ll indirectly move your urethra, leaving it at an angle to the bladder that’s different than usual. This makes it more possible for fluid to be expelled (aka squirting).

Stimulate the G-spot intensely (but not to a point where you’re uncomfortable, of course). When you experience a sensation similar to needing to pee, that means that your Skene’s glands are hard at work. i.e. it may be the start of your squirting experience.

Can All Vulva Owners Ejaculate?

Just like squirting, the jury is still out on whether all vulva owners can ejaculate. But, just like squirting, it could be possible for practice to make perfect. Not just that, but it’s also G-spot stimulation that has the biggest amount of potential to increase your chances of experiencing female ejaculation.

What’s interesting about female ejaculation however, is that—unlike the fluid released during squirting—sometimes female ejaculation fluid doesn’t even leave the body during sexual excitement. 

Sometimes, the fluid can flow backward into the bladder during arousal, and exits the body during urination. For that reason, some vulva owners may be ejaculating but not even realise it.

And so, have you ever experienced squirting or female ejaculation? If you haven’t, yet are really hoping to, don’t be despondent if it takes time or doesn’t happen at all. The occurrence of squirting and female ejaculation needs to be studied further to have more conclusive results. 

With the information available today however, not all vulva owners can squirt or ejaculate. You are perfectly normal whether you can or you can’t!


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