5 keys to sustainable pleasure: Responsible, mindful, and orgasmic consumption

There’s only one thing more pleasurable than a mindful shopping, and that’s buying a sexual wellness product in a mindful way. Don’t know how? Let us show you.

As a consumer, you have guaranteed rights when it comes to your health, safety, and economic interests. No legally-marketed product will interfere with these rights. This is true for each and every sector, including the erotic sector.

But amongst the myriad of regulated products you can pick, when it comes to being suitable there are some things which exceed minimum expectations by miles. Add this to some simple habits you can adopt when shopping, and it’s a win-win-win situation for you, the planet and those brands which are adapting to a new consumer model.


1. Choose quality products

Buying cheap always costs more. Choosing quality products is of paramount importance, especially when the choice is linked to your health. When it comes to the erotic market, keeping an eye out for the quality of products is fundamental since, most of the time, they are linked with practices in which the body’s most sensitive parts are exposed. Of course, in the erotic world there is a multitude of products for each and every activity you may desire and it’s better to invest in specific products for said practices than to get an “all-rounder”. Avoid unnecessary risks, buy quality. 


2. Brands which care about you. 

With such a huge range, how can we choose our erotic and sexual wellness products from all the many brands on offer? Brands are a reflection of their products and their performance with them. At the end of the day, what matters when choosing a brand is what type of products they are putting on the market and how they interact with clients and potential clients. In the erotic sector, it’s crucial to choose brands which value research and innovation in order to improve the quality of their toys – with the CE* mark, of course – and their lubricants; which destigmatise sexuality so that it can be enjoyed fully and healthily; which champion honest, two-directional communication offering clear contact details; and which are willing to learn and challenge themselves in order to build better realities for everyone.

*The CE mark is a symbol which means that the product to be marketed has passed an evaluation process and complies with the essential requirements regarding manufacture, design, health, and safety, in line with European safety guidelines. 


3. Responsible production

Another element to assess is whether or not the products you consume have been produced with respect for the environment and animals. Buying erotic and sexual wellness products which are vegan and free from animal cruelty is an important and kind way to support the industry’s transition towards being purely ethical and responsible. 


4. Sustainable packaging

If possible, make it recycled and, if not, at least recyclable. Card, aluminium, and glass all make perfect packaging material for erotic goods. Once purchased, you can recycle it. What’s more, with a bit of imagination, you can probably upcycle the glass packaging. 

QR codes for providing information and replacing pamphlets are also a great alternative and very much part of sustainable packaging. In the digital era, who needs to print paper? When paper consumption can be avoided, it is unjustifiable not to. Swapping plastic stickers for paper ones is another step to bear in mind. 


5. Mindful consumption 

Consume what you really need. There are hundreds of accessories, gels, lubricants, enhancers, and other pleasure tools on the market, and you would enjoy every single one; but the important thing is to heed your needs and consider purchases as investments in pleasure. Buy what you need, be discerning, value quality and the impact it has: choose well. 

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