14 sexy Valentines gifts for her

The season of love is on its way, bringing with it the best Valentine’s gifts

Yes, yes, we know. You’re looking for the best sexy Valentines gifts for her and, believe me, we have them lined up for you. 

Make this Valentine’s Day 2023 a date to remember by not only finding the most wonderful surprise for your partner, but also being able to enjoy yourself with her if you choose one of the fantastic items that we have selected for you. We’ve thought of everything!

We have unique gifts to make Valentine’s Day a celebration of love, but also of sex and pleasure. Want to give the sexiest gift? Let’s start the list:

A diamond vibrator · Twenty One

Twenty One · Vibrating Diamond


The first vibrating diamond in the world. Twenty One is an ideal Valentines gift because you’ll be offering the combination of the best jewel and the best erotic toy: an external vibrator with 7 vibration modes, rechargeable and waterproof. All packaged in its own high-quality box. Could there be anything sexier?

A ritual of pleasure · Horøscope

From a toy we move on to a full ritual of pleasure. Horøscope is a self-pleasure kit comprising a necklace bearing the gemstone of your chosen star sign, an orgasmic balm, and a compact external vibrator with 7 vibration modes. A perfectly suited detail that they will never forget.

Body jewellery · Magnifique

If you like to give jewels, what could be better than body jewels as a sexy Valentines gifts for her Combining the best of both worlds: the world of lingerie (already very visible) and the world of jewels, just this time go a little further and give trinkets to adorn the cleavage, back, shoulders, bikini area and even the feet! A metallic caress which adds a more sensual look to any stylish outfit, lingerie or even bare skin.

A crystal wand · Saktion

Much more than a toy. The Saktion crystal wand is hand carved from natural quartz, making it different from all other dildos on the market, as well as being a sexual accessory which focuses not only on the physical but also on the spiritual. Pleasure is fundamental when it comes to choosing gifts for this Valentine’s Day, and this one offers lots of pleasure in the most holistic way.

An orgasm enhancer · Clitoral Arousal Serum · Sex au Naturel

Small, discreet, and very powerful. Erotic cosmetics are more than a gift, they are the future of sexual pleasure. Just one single drop on the clitoris and pleasure increases, thanks to the mild warming and tingling effect its natural ingredients provide. Clitoral Arousal Serum can be used both alone and in company, making it also a great gift to enjoy as a couple and, of course, with erotic toys.

Harness · H Harness · MAZE

Probably the best vegan harness on the market. With straps designed to gently envelop the body, highlighting the figure, this harness is a perfect gift which will not be easily forgotten. H Harness is available in Black and Camel, two colours chosen to go with everything, especially naked skin.

The best couples Valentines gifts

Yes, you have to think about a sexy Valentines gift for her, but also about a good couples Valentines gift, something that you can enjoy together for the rest of the year, making the 14th of February an unforgettable day for you both.

We have chosen exclusively the best vegan and edible sexual products for couples so that nothing holds you back on the sexiest night of the year. Get stuck in:

Vegan Valentines gifts

Handcuffs · Wide Cuff · MAZE

Who doesn’t like a bit of night-time naughtiness? Have fun with your partner like never before with these very suggestive handcuffs. Who will put them on whom? A sexy accessory, easy to use and safe so that, whether a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy these cuffs to the max. The best thing? They are made from vegan leather making them a perfect vegan Valentines gift. 100% wild and 0% animal.

A better-sex kit · Slow Sex Experience Box

Imagine a set of lubricants for the whole range of sexual acts. Erotic massage, oral, anal, masturbation, nipple play... Well, no need to imagine any more because here it is. The Slow Sex Experience Box contains 11 gels focused on different sexual practices so that you can have fun together for a loooooooong time. Doubtlessly one of the most versatile couples Valentines gifts on our selected list.

Whip · Tassel Flogger · MAZE

Whip MAZE · Tassel Flogger

🔥🔥🔥 Let’s get spicy! Who doesn’t like a spanking from time to time? If it’s one of your fantasies, voilà! A vegan leather whip is ideal as a gift, as a statement of intent and as a first foray into soft bondage in the company of your favourite person. And you know what? It’s also a stunningly attractive item for your erotic collection.

Massage candle · Sensations

Sensations · Massage Candle

Warming up the atmosphere and gliding blissfully in the direction of pleasure is the ultimate goal of all of this, right? So, why is the Sensations massage candle the best choice? Because it’s as romantic as it is erotic. Massage candles are lit and once their special oil-based wax has melted it’s ready to be snuffed out and poured onto the back of your lover... or wherever you want. It’s massage time, where you know how it starts but never how it will end. 

Edible Valentines gifts

Warming massage oil 

Another great gift is one which is not only sexy but also edible. If you’re seeking edible Valentines gifts this could be the gift for you: a salted caramel-flavoured warming massage oil which is 100% edible. Smear it on your partner left, right and centre. Yummmm! Then get licking whatever you fancy.

Oral sex sweets · Swipe Remedy · Clitherapy

SWIPE REMEDY · Oral Sex Mints

Who doesn’t enjoy a good oral sex session? Swipe Remedy are ultra-minty sweets especially formulated for oral sex, turning them into a great date accessory for practice, practice and, you’ve got it, more practice. Pop one in your mouth before commencing and enjoy a whole voyage of contrasts and freshness which boosts all of your senses.

Oral Sex Strips · Slow Sex

Oral Sex Strips

More edible Valentines gifts? These gossamer-thin minty strips are designed to melt on your tongue while you perform oral sex. They provide a powerful minty freshness which is perfect for clitoral stimulation, oral sex or mind-blowing kisses. Take a strip and eat up! You can also download an oral sex guide right here to accompany you on this adventure.

Download our guides for mind-blowing oral!



Libido supplements · Orgasm Glow · Sex au Naturel

ORGASM GLOW · Libido, mood and arousal supplement

And to round off the list of gifts you could give, we have selected: Orgasm Glow, a libido supplement made from 100% natural ingredients and top vegan Valentines gift. With damiana, which boosts libido, ashwagandha, nature’s antidote to stress; tribulus terrestris, which improves sexual desire; zinc, which reduces inflammation; and l-arginine, which boosts the immune system. Improve your intimacy from within and enjoy pleasure with your partner like never before.

So, you love it all and don’t know what to choose? Want to explore some other options? We have created the ultimate tool: a test to make choosing your Valentines gift as simple as answering a few questions and nailing the perfect choice.

Take the test!

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