Your guide to oral sex

In this oral sex tutorial you will find how to give oral sex. This is a complete guide with detailed explanations. We will give you oral sex tips for women, plus oral sex tips for men. You will find suggestions for improving what you already know alongside tricks for picking up new ways to give pleasure. The best tips for better oral sex are right here, just keep on reading.

Benefits of oral sex on women (and men)

Is oral sex good for you? In a word, yes. Oral sex has numerous health benefits besides being great for improving intimacy in a couple. It is a great source of pleasure and also an act which opens many doors to creativity and fantasy. But let’s focus on the benefits that oral sex can bring us. Want to know what they are?

It stimulates the immune system

Yes, having sex, including oral sex, increases your ability to produce antibodies against viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms. Two sex sessions a week can increase Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in saliva, which is linked to having a protected immune system. 

It improves your skin and hair

Arousal and orgasms produce oestrogen, a hormone which contributes greatly to the condition of body tissues, such as nails, hair, and skin. What’s more, perspiration (followed by a correct personal hygiene routine) keeps the pores clean, improving how the skin looks, as it reduces the appearance of acne, black heads, and dermatitis.

It prevents prostate cancer

People who ejaculate an average of 21 times a month have up to 33% less risk of developing prostate cancer. This ejaculation can be the product of penetrative sex, oral sex, masturbation, or wet dreams. However it comes about, the regular discharging of seminal fluid removes toxins which accumulate in the prostate. As a result, we get a healthier prostate.

Power against pain

Pleasure exerts an analgesic effect which helps many people, especially those who have to deal with headaches, migraines... or period pains when menstruating. Do you know why? Because of the endorphins released during orgasm. Endorphins are the body’s natural analgesic, also often associated with functions such as the feeling of wellbeing or euphoria.

It prevents stress

What is the hormone that prevents stress and is released during sex? It’s oxytocin. Yes, sex creates a veritable festival of hormones. In this case, oxytocin production can be triggered by mere intimacy between a couple. 

It improves sleep

Sleep-inducing hormones, such as vasopressin, oxytocin, norepinephrine, prolactin, and serotonin are released when having sex. However, they behave differently in men and women. While 80% of men sleep deeply after sex, 54% of women can even feel more active than they did before having sex. 

It improves self-esteem

Practising oral sex increases self-esteem because the feelings of pleasure, acceptance and recognition of your body improve your perception of yourself. If we add this to the wellbeing hormones, endorphins, we are mixing the perfect cocktail for feeling happy in our own skin. 

It reinforces the couple bond

Oral sex is an activity which really reinforces the bond between partners. This is due to oxytocin, the hormone released during sex which boosts feeling of affection, intimacy, and closeness with the other person. Sex brings us together, with caresses and union, which all help to maintain a strong and stable relationship. At the end of the day, oral sex is another way to communicate and we know that communication is the key to success in any relationship.

Guide to Oral Sex


How to perform oral sex on a woman?

If you are reading this, it’s because you want to learn how to improve your technique for giving oral sex to women so that they receive max pleasure. 

How to perform oral sex on a woman is a question which doesn’t have a concrete answer: It all depends on both the person giving the oral sex and the person receiving it, each person’s tastes, communication during the act and countless other factors. But don’t worry! There are aspects of ‘going down’ on women that you can discover right now which will significantly improve your oral sex.

 Practising oral sex can be really fun, but to reach that point you need to be sure you want to “go down”. Don’t think about whether she will like it, but rather whether you are going to really enjoy it. If you’re keen to be an oral sex superstar and send your partner to thrill central, the first thing you need to know is that each woman is unique. What worked for you with one woman, may fail you on your next oral adventure. Don’t be afraid to ask if what you’re doing feels good, if she wants more pressure, a faster rhythm... finding a balance between your tastes and hers is paramount if you are both to enjoy oral sex. 

How to enhance oral sex

Wait a minute! First you need to conquer other parts of her body. Tickle, caress... over clothes and under them. Kiss, nibble... her breasts, abdomen, thighs... You need to raise the temperature a little at a time, so that when the action commences she is really ready. You must let yourself be guided, listen to what she suggests, accept tips, but remember that it is you setting the limits. Find a position which is comfortable for you both, use pillows to help with lifting a hip or arching their back; and remember that, although films always show oral sex taking place under the sheets, you have no reason to hide. Under the covers it will end up getting very hot, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable! 

Although the word oral is in the name, it doesn’t mean you’ll only be using your tongue. You have a whole arsenal of possibilities at your disposal: tongue, lips, nose, and fingers. Oral sex techniques on women are very varied. You can start with fingers and kissing around the periphery, ending up synchronising the caresses of your tongue on her clitoris with the movement of your fingers in her vagina. Remember that the clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings, and that 8 in every 10 women need to stimulate it to reach orgasm, but always gently-gently, as it is rather sensitive. You can play with it, tickle it with your tongue, give it some gentle flicks... Be creative in your oral sex moves but don’t forget about the other parts of her vulva. I mean, don’t even go directly there, don’t focus all your attention on it, the vulva has other erogenous zones to play with. You can suck the labia minora, gently caress the edges with your tongue... The trick is in the rhythm and synchronising your tools: tongue-fingers. 

Guide to Oral Sex

How to get started?

  1.  Moistness: if she is genuinely ready you should detect a certain moistness in the area in question. If not, you need to keep going with the foreplay a little longer. You can also increase lubrication with a good oral sex lube
  2.  Increase the temperature with gentle caresses over the whole vulva using the full width of your tongue. 
  3.  Let your nose lead your tongue, marking the route to take, then maintain the same pressure and movement for a while.
  4.  Use your lips to suck gently on her lips without losing your rhythm, then return to the previous movements.
  5.  While your tongue is busy, you can slip one or two fingers into her vagina, or caress her body: abdomen, breasts...

What do I do with my tongue?

  1.  Use the tip of your tongue for greater stimulation of the different zones: clitoris, vaginal opening, labia minora...
  2.  Glide your tongue across the folds.
  3.  Zigzag: Open her lips by zig-zagging your tongue until you reach the clitoris.
  4.  Whirlpool: trace the contours of the vulva with your tongue and when you get to the clitoris circle it on repeat.
  5.  Slow Motion: from the bottom up, cover the area in little licks finally arriving at the clitoris.
  6.  The S: trace the shape of an S with your tongue from the entrance of her vagina to the clitoris.
Guide to Oral Sex

And with my fingers?

  1.  Slide a finger or two into her vagina whilst you continue to tease the clitoris with your tongue. If your tongue gets tired, move your head, leaving your tongue out, and move your neck. 
  2.  If you have inserted two fingers, you can put some pressure on the upper wall (G-spot) with the tip, first of one and then the other (as if they were walking)
  3.  You can rotate your wrist, so that your fingers turn inside her.
  4.  You can rub some  onto the clit whilst your tongue plays with other nooks and crannies.

How do I stimulate the clitoris?

  1.  Clitoris: circle it with the tip of your tongue, suck it gently, give it little taps with your tongue... Be creative!
  2.  You can also stimulate it with your fingers, whilst your tongue and lips focus on other areas of her anatomy, like kissing her thighs (remember not all erogenous zones are around the genitals) 

How to spice up oral sex

As you can see there are many ways and means to perform great cunnilingus. Don’t forget that every woman is different and that you should adapt your technique to her (it’s good to let yourself be guided and to listen to what she wants, but you set the limits and don’t be afraid to say if you don’t like something like having your head held). This is only a basic guide, you can invent new moves every time you have oral sex. Take time to interpret her sensations and to find a balance between what you like and what she does. And, of course, ask, ask, ask. It’s much more fun if you both enjoy the experience.

Guide to Oral Sex


How to give good oral sex to a man

If you want to know how to give good oral sex to a guy, you’re in the right place. We have gathered all the best information and the best oral sex instructions for you, so that you can employ a whole arsenal of delights to make your partner burst with pleasure.

Desire is of paramount importance in oral sex. Both you and he need to want to indulge in this sex act. Good oral sex is part of a long journey in which fun, desire and pleasure all play their part. Trial-and-error is the simplest and most natural way to become veritable experts in oral sex.

How to prepare to oral sex

Giving oral sex is fun, but to really enjoy it you need to be sure you want to do it, so

don’t think about whether he’s going to like it, but whether you’re going to enjoy it. If you decide to become an oral sex star, the first thing you should commit to memory is that, just like with vulvas, no two penises are the same. So there aren’t really any coverall tricks, as each person is a new world to discover. Concentrate on what you are both feeling, and seek a nice balance between what you like and what really gets him going. You need to communicate with your sexual partner; if you are sure that he likes what you are doing, you will enjoy the experience much more.

How to make oral sex better

Don’t go straight to second base without having explored first base. Stroke, rub, kiss... with his clothes still on. You can also kiss or lick his thighs, torso, or groin area... good things always come to those who wait. At this stage, you need to find a position which is comfortable for both of you... him lying on the bed with you leaning over, him standing up and you on your knees. 

Just because it’s oral sex doesn’t mean that you’re only going to use your lips. You can start with your hand and then bring your tongue into play. Remember that the glans contains 4,000 nerve endings, so you can tease it all over with your tongue, surprise him by placing it in your mouth (keeping your tongue active) and pumping the shaft of the penis with your hand (up and down). Have some fun with your tongue. You could be creative and add some oral sex lub into the mix, sliding it all over his member with your hand, not forgetting the testicles! Remember, it’s all about synchronisation. When your mouth goes down, your hand goes down, and when your mouth comes back up, so does your hand. 

Ways to improve oral sex

Tips on oral sex for men

  1.  Saliva, saliva, saliva... get the area lovely and wet so that all action is smooth. You could also bring in some oral sex lube (water based, if you’re using a condom), with a range of flavours to spice up the game.
  2.  Glide your tongue over the head and frenulum.
  3.  Stimulate the frenulum with your thumb (careful with this part of the penis, it’s the most sensitive) 
  4.  Change rhythm and intensity, start off slow and then gradually increase speed, change rhythms as you wish, follow the rhythm of any background music you have put on... each penis is different, find something that works for both of your tastes. 
  5.  Let your lips do all the work so that your hands can caress his body, don’t forget that there are erogenous zones beyond the genitals.
  6.  Testicles: Don’t forget to invite these to the party too. You can caress them while your tongue is busy in other areas, lick them as part of your exploration of the whole territory, and suck them to really get things steaming. A whole plethora of options at your disposal, find your favourite. But watch out! Remember that they’re really delicate, so before you let your imagination fly, ask.
  7.  However... teeth are not invited. Cover yours with your lips the moment your mouth comes into contact with the penis (like a boxer’s mouth guard).

Don’t be shy! At some point in the process look him in the eyes, and sparks might fly. It is part of the turn-on of oral sex, he will be able to see what a good time you’re having, and you how good you are making him feel. Another thing that can really turn people on is hair pulling, and you choose if you’re comfortable with it or not. There are women who can’t stand it and others who find it a real thrill. What turns people on is really subjective and depends on the individual. What is certain is that fiction has influenced us a lot, for example the “deep throat” thing. This is a myth which appeared in the 70s, and although it can be arousing, it can also do you damage so don’t force your throat. If he grabs your head and pushes, remember that it’s a myth and not everyone can do it. 

Guide to Oral Sex


Oral Sex positions for both


The most classic of them all. Little explanation needed. Sexy, productive, and reciprocal. Note that you have to focus on both giving and receiving. Without doubt, it is one of the woman-on-top positions you must try. Or why not try with her underneath.

Floating head

One of the two lies on the bed with their head hanging over the edge, while the other person stands up. Accompany the oral sex with some stroking, tickling and stimulation... the person on the bed could even masturbate whilst giving oral sex. Mmm… Sexy!

Oral Sex positions for her


Complete labial stimulation. You could even stray into a bit of anilingus whilst stimulating her clitoris with your fingers.

V for Victory

She lies down on her back with both legs in the air. He helps to hold them up, even adding in a little massaging of the thighs whilst pleasuring her.

Oral Sex positions for him

The drill

To do this, you need to lie back with your head slightly raised so as to receive the man’s penis in your mouth. We recommend doing this on a bed, so that he can support himself on the wall or headboard and thereby have more control over his movements.

Lie down easy

While he lies on his back, you rest your head on his stomach and take his penis in your mouth. A comfortable position which doesn’t require a lot of movement, but ideal for getting warmed up.

Oral sex can be superbly fun if done well or, just as exciting, a challenging journey of learning (the best part being that you have to practise over and over and over). On top of what you learn in practice, you can add your newly acquired knowledge and also benefit from the best gels and enhancers to make oral sex your new strong suit or your biggest source of pleasure.

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