What can the vibrating diamond do for you?

Twenty One is the vibrating diamond that will change how you feel about masturbation as soon as you see it. How can something so beautiful also provide so much pleasure? Is this why "diamonds are a girl's best friend"? We're going to show everything the vibrating diamond can do for you.


Up until recently, penetration was associated with pleasure, and while that's true in part, it's not the be all and end all of female pleasure. In fact, 8 in 10 women require more than just penetration alone to reach orgasm. So, what are we talking about? Well, the long-neglected rising star that is the clitoris, of course! 

The clitoris is a female genital organ with the sole purpose of providing pleasure. Yep, you read that right! It's there for you, for your enjoyment, and won't ask for anything in return. It literally has no other function! The glans of the clitoris peeks out from the top of the vulva, while the rest of it extends under the external labia and perineum, encircling the lower third of the vagina. In total, the clitoris boasts 8,000 nerve endings. It's like one big sensitivity party!


From the anatomical to the structural

Given the wide range of angles and areas covered by the clitoris, Twenty One's design had to be dynamic, with multiple pleasure-seeking possibilities. Besides, all vulvas are different. Twenty One was designed to satisfy all tastes and to provide a structure with a wide range of possibilities.

  • Use the lateral edge to stimulate the internal labia and glans clitoris simultaneously. Experiment by applying different pressures.
  • Use the top part to stimulate the external labia as well as other erogenous zones. Explore by massaging every inch of your body.
  • Use the rounded tip for direct and precise stimulation of the glans clitoris or to stimulate the area surrounding the vaginal opening.  



The structure of movement

To experiment with Twenty One, your best bet is to let your imagination run wild and try different movements and pressures until you find the perfect combination to enjoy your pleasure to the full. Use water based lubricants or silicone massage gel such as the Aphrodisia.  And of course, here are some ideas: 

  • The torrent: Use the top part to flood your entire vulva with pleasure. A torrent of vibrations will embrace you all over. Hold the base at your chosen height (on the glans clitoris and U-spot or the U-spot and vaginal opening). How much can you take?

  • The zigzag: Use the rounded tip to draw zigzags across your vulva, both in and outside of the external labia. Switch up the pressure, trace irregular lines and discover your most pleasurable spots. Get to know yourself!

  • The inverted torrent: Use the rounded tip of Twenty One to explore the vaginal opening. Let the ripples of vibration embrace you from the inside. Make circular movements and alter the intensity and vibration setting. Discover new tricks to take you to paradise.

  • The fan: Explore your vulva with the lateral edge of Twenty One and its many faces. Roll the diamond between your external labia, internal labia and clitoris... Draw an arch or a fan of pleasure between your legs. 

  • The elevator: Place the lateral edge of Twenty One on your vulva, leaving the rounded tip on or very close to the glans clitoris, and the top part on the vaginal opening. Select your chosen speed and move the vibrating diamond up and down. Always use lubricant to avoid friction and make this "elevator" the ultimate path to pleasure. 

The secrets of Twenty One

This diamond vibrates, and when I say "vibrates", I mean it reallyyyyyy vibrates. Never in the same way either. Given that each edge has a specific function to cater to all forms of female diversity, its vibration settings and intensities also adapt to its users.

In total, Twenty One boasts three intensities, from moderate to hardcore, and seven vibration settings...all at the touch of a button! 'Cause when you're in the thick of it, you're not exactly going to want to contemplate anything but pleasure.

And don't forget, it's rechargeable. It has a run-time of one hour (though you won't need that long to reach climax) and in another two it will be ready to use all over again.

Also, do you want to know the best thing about it? It's splashproof! So you needn't worry about getting it too wet. I mean that's what it's for, right? Twenty One is also super discreet; its elegant design and silent motor make it one of the stealthiest toys on the market. You can keep it on your bedside table and no one will ever know what it really is: your best friend.  




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