Three anal practices that don’t involve penetration

We know at first glance anal sex can seem a little bit daunting, but what if you started with something that didn’t involve penetration?

You’re keen to give anal a go, but you’re worried it’s going to hurt (that’s not the case, BTW) or maybe you’re not quite ready to do all the research beforehand; you want it and you want it now! But don’t worry, you can enjoy that beautiful booty without penetration. And then who knows… you may end up enjoying that too! Or not, which is totally fine, because either way you’ll have a portfolio of three tantalising new practices to whip out wherever and whenever.

 Anal Sex Guide


How about a little glute massage? The glutes are a large group of muscles which include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. And not only is it one of the body’s biggest muscle groups, it’s one of the strongest too. You don’t just sit on them, hun, they’re also in charge of extending and rotating the hip joint and retroverting the pelvis.

You can take advantage of all that tension by performing an unforgettable glute massage. Glide over your partner’s glutes with a massage oil to get things going. What happens next is up to you…

TIP: Try a drop or two of our SLOW SEX Warming Massage oil. It will take you to paradise!


Anal massage

The anus has multiple nerve endings and it can be incredibly pleasurable to dedicate a little bit of time to it during your usual practices, regardless of whether it’s followed by penetration.

To perform an anal massage, the order of the day is paramount. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you can’t put anything in your vagina (or your mouth, for that matter) that’s already been inside your anus, but the other way round is fine. Here, good hygiene is essential, as is an anal gel such as Anal Play by SLOW SEX to avoid friction and to make the massage a (w)hole lot… juicier! Massage, rub, caress or combine it with oral to blow your mind.

TIP: communication is key. Talk to each other about what you do and don’t like, set your limits and discuss what you’d like to do more often.


Close contact breeds affection and we’re here to tell you why. In sex, some things are a given, such as vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex and masturbation, etc. But generally speaking we don’t divert from our genitals, mouth and hands. How would you feel about adding a juicy peach to the equation? And, no, before you ask: we’ve not gone mad. When we say ‘peach’ we’re taking about your butt (or theirs), so calm it Kermit!

Rubbing (from the verb ‘to rub’) is exactly what it says on the tin: applying back-and-forth pressure to two areas of the bodyin particular the genitalssimultaneously. We suggest stimulating your partner’s genitals with your butt! Add a few drops of massage oil and you’ll be able to glide over their genitals no problem to make the fun last as loooooong as you like.

TIP: Use Full Body Massage by SLOW SEX for underwater rubbing. This pleasure gel has it all!

Anal Sex Guide


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