The mega-crush! Let’s solve the mystery of why you can’t stop thinking about that special someone…

To you, they’re the most gorgeous person in the world the most intelligent too. And they’ve even got the personality to match! It’s official: your crush wins gold every time. End of story.

The word “crush” has been floating around social media for some time. We use it because it works as both a noun and a verb: “I have a crush on you” or “I’m crushing sooo hard”. It’s a millennial thing! In short, nowadays it’s not about platonic love, Cupid’s arrows or love at first sight. Having a crush is much more modern...and tweetable. Ultimately, we’re talking a lifelong love affair.

The heart wants what the heart wants (or rather the brain does, cos this is all about chemicals, among other things). So don’t be surprised if you develop an irrational amorous attachment towards someone unexpected. This is a crush. Something that turns up unannounced and makes your heart skip a beat. But...why? Actually, there are a number of reasons:

You look... familiar

It turns out that the person you’re crushing on probably looks like or reminds you of someone in your family. Now, I’m not suggesting you have some kind of Oedipus or Electra complex – it’s just that your special someone makes you feel safe and secure. Have you ever heard the expression “you feel like home”? Well, that feeling of safety is key to attraction.

What a coincidence!

Similarly, some people fall in “love” (pssst, this is a strong word) with those who have had the same—often unpleasant—experiences, or who share the same likes and values. You’re going to feel understood and that everything will be easy from here on out. Almost as if you’ve found your other half, although let me remind you that you are already WHOLE.

Oh, wow. You’re amazing.

Ahh, that old chestnut. There’s a fine line between “love” and admiration. So fine that the person we admire often becomes a mirror, reflecting the virtues we wish we possessed ourselves. If that sounds familiar, let’s go one step further: we’re generally attracted to confidence. Extroverts and entrepreneurs. Ring any bells?

So. Much. Chemistry.

This is the most primitive of reasons. Pheromones are REAL. Present and latent in our lips, underarms, neck and groin. We sense them thanks to our Jacobson’s—or vomeronasal—organ which, despite the name, is separate from our sense of smell.

The prototype

In the modern age, where we see each other through screens and filter the information we share with our followers, we don’t usually discuss our shortcomings and pretty much anything is possible. However, one thing that can’t penetrate Instagram profiles (yet) are pheromones, so our crushes might just be physical. Let’s see, the hottest guy or girl of the moment. The prom king or queen, if you will. This phenomenon is as old as the hills.

How many crushes do you have? You can have as many you like! When it comes to fantasies, the more the merrier. From that famous rockstar to the cute girl you saw tagged in your friend’s recent uploads. What does it matter?! You have a mega-crush and you like what you like.

Clitherapy and crushes

Don’t let this post be in vain. If that special someone has your hormones raging and your oestrogen and progesterone through the roof, take advantage.

Clitherapy is an orgasm balm designed to provide the climax of champions, whether your mind is vacant or active *wink wink*. We know you’re always scrolling through your crush’s Instagram and that there’s been an accidental like (or two). But, listen, if you’re thinking about them that much, you may as well do it in style, right? Treat yourself with Clitherapy. Yes, therapy for the clit. Namely, yours. Let your imagination run wild with Horny Jar, your best ally for all things self-love...


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