Erotic roleplay and other costumes

Sometimes it’s nice to innovate, be creative and add some icing to a cake which, in and of itself, is already tasty. What better way to do it than letting your imagination soar with some saucy dressing up and roleplay?

Erotic games: that’s one huge topic. Truth be told, intimate times between couples can give rise to a thousand and one ideas, sometimes spontaneous or unilateral. Do you suddenly become the classic dominatrix? Perhaps you have imagined yourself as a powerful goddess? So… this might actually be closer to reality than meets the eye. Whatever it is that your desires crave, everything can be explored and experimented with in a way that it creative, safe and consensual. Who knows, maybe you’ll both be pleasantly surprised by how much you like it!

We know that this year, like last, we have to put in that extra effort so that all our days and nights don’t blend into one, repeated over and over again. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have been deprived of festivities like Halloween, New Year’s Eve or Spain’s February Carnavales; occasions on which dressing up as someone else is seriously good fun and it’s really simple to give your imagination a good airing. Of course, the atmosphere is just perfect for it. But could you and your partner get on this ride of fantasy so easily all by yourselves? Let’s find out…    


Classic but powerful

The dominatrix role is not new to the scene, but it works. Perhaps it is so ingrained in our minds that it has become somewhat comical, as if we are doing a clichéd imitation of something we’ve seen in adverts, films or some book or another. Don’t think like that, you are unique, eminently capable and, even though it is a tried and tested role, you are going to need all your power (and we know you have it) to carry it off. So, how about we give you a helping hand? Nothing better than stepping into the (vegan) skin of the personality you want to adopt to really let your imagination fly. Try it out with MAZE, because if a dominatrix is made of stern stuff, we can assure you that our harnesses are too.


Playing doctors and nurses is so on trend this year

The sexy nurse: another classic, but a little milder than the last one, perhaps? Let’s have a little think about that hypersexualised nurse image and turn it into a consummate healthcare professional. You want to show some skin? Of course! Whatever that makes you feel good; but we also advise you to start your shift with some action and that, even though it is just a game, you make sure you spoil your patient (or patients), giving them your very best bedside manner. How? Well… there’s a lot to choose from: Warming Oil Massage, Oral Sex Balm, Clitoral Balm,... Or better still, try them all and give them the full care package!


Like a boss

It is well known that erotic power-play is a spark which sets fires, passions and crotches aflame. Are you going to be a demanding boss? Are you going to flaunt yourself while playing the untouchable? However you do it, do it with glamour and, while you’re at it, indulge yourself. Magnifique turns backs into sculptures and necklines into veritable works of art. Shine like never before, while the metallic caresses of Magnifique bring you pleasure all over your body. What happens next is up to you…


Gourmet kisses

Hey, listen up… fine dining is also super erotic! Fancy yourself as the queen of sweet treats, while delicacies are eaten from off your body? It is totally possible with an edible warming massage oil. Put on your chef’s outfit, blindfold your partner, and lead them around your body trying out the strawberry, caramel or bubblegum flavour. Mm…! You, of course, stay in character the whole time. It will blow your mind!


Masked ball

We’ll finish off with another classic. One that is seductive, mysterious, and elegant. A pair of masks, some candles, background music and two glasses of wine. You don’t know each other and have met by chance, you have exchanged furtive glances and now you want to know more. But how much more? It’s up to you what names you choose to give yourselves, what cover story you present for being in such a place and what reasons you invent for charming the other into your boudoir. Try it out with the MASK range from Bijoux Indiscrets, reusable, strap-free and very sexy.


Have you made your mind up? Which plan appeals to you most? Have you already enjoyed some great roleplay? Tell us all about it in the comments. It will be a pleasure to read.

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