SEX SCHOOL: Sex isn’t copied; it’s learned

Forget porn and conventions; good sex comes from self-awareness, communication and taboo-free learning

Have you ever been taking a walk through Central Park, exchanged a glance with a cute runner and then found yourselves in the same coffee shop, ordering the same drink, swapping smiles, phone numbers, and then before you know it you’ve grown old together and lived happily ever after? No? Us neither. Because that, my friend, is fiction. Nor have we ever got aroused in two milliseconds, reached orgasm every time we’ve had sex or gone from being an anal virgin to an anal expert in two minutes flat. Nope. That’s not how it works. Sure, fiction can inspire uslike many things in lifebut it rarely teaches us a thing.


If not fiction, then what?

Our sex education is limited and that’s nothing new. In fact, there’s such a void of information and so much hush-hush and taboo surrounding the topic that, for many young people, hearsay and porn form the basis of their learning. But sexuality is far more complex than that. Sexuality invites us on a journey of self-discovery, consent, trial and error, exploration, trying and enjoying, etc. Sexuality is more than black and white, more than porn and even more than biology. But what would happen if we forgot the fictional? What would happen if there were actually some kind of video platform where you could actually LEARN about human sexuality? Well, we’ve got something to tell you: there is!

SEX SCHOOL, the school for adults that you’ll never want to skip

Sex School is a sex education platform that seeks to broaden the knowledge of those wanting to learn about and delve deeper into sexuality, from basic topics such as sexual health and barriers against STIs to topics that focus on human relationships, consent, self-care and diversity. “Many people don’t have honest, unbiased conversations about sex because of taboo. We want you to count on Sex School as a shame-free sexual knowledge platform, based on real-life sexual dynamics,” says the Sex School team.


An open conversation about sex

At Sex School you decide what you want to study. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, such as threesomes, hook-ups, consent or sexuality. The platform provides short, non-explicit and more academic clips which address the most basic topics, as well as longer videos which start with an introduction, discussion and then an explicit sex scene. And in case you were wondering what else the all-important platform has to offer:

  • Communication: How to clearly and concisely express your wants and needs.
  • Consent: Setting and respecting clear limits for you and your sexual partners
  • Sexual health: How to take care of your body and make safe sex a part of your usual practices.
  • Identity: Delving deeper into the many different layers of sexual identity; accepting and respecting diversity.
  • How to do it: Feasible, realistic and pleasurable moves.

For a healthier sexuality

Acknowledging fiction for what it isa fantasy and part of our social imaginaryis key to achieving a healthier sexuality that’s free from personal/interpersonal conflicts, frustrations and ideas that don’t allow you to enjoy or respect yourself or others. So, as well as studying different global matters, we can also study, question and learn not only about human sexuality, but our own sexuality too. Ready to become a sexpert? Start exploring the platform here.


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