Get over it with pleasure

Stress, a hectic lifestyle, ghosting, mediocre dates, terrible dates, days from hell and one failproof formula to leave it all behind: CLITHERAPY.

Masturbating has many benefits: it releases hormones that foster wellbeing, such as oxytocin and dopamine; alleviates period cramps; keeps vaginal infections at bay (thanks to the muscle spasms we experience after orgasm); and you explore your pleasure and increase your self-esteem, etc. Let’s face it, there are countless reasons to masturbate: stress, a hectic lifestyle, ghosting, mediocre dates, terrible dates, days from hell, etc., but the simplest one stands head and shoulders above the rest: pleasure. For that reason, we’ve created a failproof formula so that you can leave it all behind and just focus on having a reallllyyyy good time: CLITHERAPY.


Makes sense, right?

Clitherapy is the boldest and most rebellious of all Bijoux Indiscrets’ collections. Inspired by the dating app era and how we have started to enjoy our sexuality on screens, it comprises four orgasm balms and a discreet but powerful vibrator with a name brimming with promise: “Better than your ex and better than your next!”.

The fantasy four

Clitherapy is the result of a powerful orgasm balm and a firm declaration of intent. Its almond- oil formula and patented Thermolat© molecule will make you explode with pleasure, thanks to its warming effect which intensifies every movement.  Compatible with your favourite toy or clit sucker, each of these balms will take you to the limits of pleasure.


Sexting Balm

Horny Jar

Goshting Remedy

Bad Day Killer


‘Swipe’ your finger over the balm’s surface and rub into the clit. You’ll notice the warming effect straight away!

  • Compatible with sex toys.
  • Duration: +/- 30 minutes (may vary from person to person)
  • Increased sensations: warming effect (Thermolat)
  • Heightened sensitivity: arginine.

The latest in technology

This vibrating finger bullet is perfect for precise clitoral stimulation. Choose the finger you want to wear it on and rub over the clit. This position will allow you to carry out all those movements that take you to climax: zig-zag, up-down, round and round… Better than your ex, without a doubt, and, of course, better than your next.


Better Than Your Ex

Slide the ring over your finger and push the button on the base to turn it on. To change the vibration intensity, press the button again. When you’re done, hold it down for a few more seconds to switch it off.

  • 10 different vibration settings.
  • Medical-grade silicone, compatible with mucous membranes.
  • Flexible ring adapts to your finger


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