New ways to enjoy sex in 2024

Let’s be positive: This coming year has to be about enjoyment, don’t you think? Every year comes with plans to make it even better than the previous one, and sex doesn’t have to be any different. Enjoying sex more may sound like a challenge, but it couldn’t be more different in reality. Enjoying sex more is about enjoying the process. Today more than ever you can say this, that the real pleasure lies in journey towards the goal. 

When it comes to sex, there is no A or B, no black or white, no dichotomies or decisions which exclude others. In sex there are acts - an infinite number of them - besides penetration. In sex there are moments which are reigned by a desire and moments in which, in all likelihood, no single desire reigns at all. Sex is like everything good in life, where there is a lot to choose from, to enjoy and to learn; like fine food, art, and literature. Do you dare to rewrite your understanding of sex so as to enjoy it more in 2024? Let’s get to it.


Beyond biology

It goes without saying that sex is about much more than reproduction. Whoever so wishes can enjoy sex, making it a source of pleasure, a way of communicating with a sexual partner, a demonstration of desire and love, a self-care habit, a bond builder... The relationship that each one of us has with sex is personal and fluid. With each breaking day, we can learn something about it and about ourselves. Sex is, itself, both a pathway to explore and, at the same time, a pleasurable place to be. 

To enjoy sex more, one has to understand that it exists in as many forms and for as many purposes as we care to give it. Knowing that sex is about more than just biology, the only thing we have left to do it to outline, without pressure, our idea of pleasurable sex. Putting ourselves first when it comes to sex is fundamental to enjoying it. Knowing ourselves, knowing our desires, and our favourite sexy things to do form the foundations of enjoyment both when alone and in company. And to do this, we need to demystify sex and forget all about taboos. Opening our minds and actively listening to ourselves.


Beyond penetration

When you think about sex, you think about penetration. And that’s great! But sex, besides being more than biology and reproduction, is much more than just penetration. 

As you will have read above, sex involves a myriad of different practices and, what’s more, they can be combined. You may well love penetration, of course, and also oral sex... or a simple erotic massage to finish off the session! With the number of pleasurable practices that already exist (and that you can invent, so get that grey matter whirring) it seems a shame to settle for “that which supposedly defines sex”. Because, what’s more, we know that it doesn’t! Because if we conceive of sex as much more than its reproductive capacity, then penetration only occupies a minute percentage. We must try out some new stuff! And to do this...


Slow Sex, what is it?

The concept of Slow Sex will help you enjoy sex even more. But what is Slow Sex? Slow Sex is part of the whole slow movement: the idea that everything can be done better and enjoyed more if we keep ourselves centred the present, and the idea that more is not necessarily better.

Slow Sex keeps us in the here and now with a very simple question: Do I like it? And, by the same token, it releases us from the “obligation” to reach orgasm. Climaxing is not seen as a goal in itself, but rather as something which happens when you persistently seek pleasure without pressure and, above all, when you discard the idea of “what I should do” and “what I should like”.


The joy of enjoying

Thus, Slow Sex provides the opportunity to enjoy, simply by enjoying. Whether that involves starting with a gentle back massage, some kisses on the neck, or a flurry of caresses of the thighs leading to something more, Slow Sex invites you to do what you like, whatever keeps you in the pleasure zone, and to only travel along that path which brings you most pleasure. 

To enjoy sex more and to really delve into Slow Sex, the collection of the same name offers eleven ways to delight in sex - yes, eleven! - allowing you to recreate yourself, experiment and find joy like never before. 

Slow Sex Collection


Wow, how curious 


Talking about resolutions

Basically, enjoying sex more in 2024 ought to, let’s just say it, be a resolution in and of itself. 

New year, new life. The start of the year is the favourite time for injecting fresh ideas into our list of desires, considering parts of our lives that we would like to change, habits we would like to adopt or new things that we would like to try. New year’s resolutions can come in all shapes and sizes, including sexual; because sexuality is just as important as any other part of life; it evolves, grows, and can spark new desires. Are you ready to be inspired with these 10 sexual resolutions for 2024? Let’s get to it. Read more

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