A Sexy Christmas Gift Guide by Bijoux Indiscrets 2022: There’s Something Seductive for Everyone!

This year, we’ve created seven delicious categories of sexy Christmas stocking fillers that are simply impossible to resist. 

You see, pleasure products are not just a fantastic treat for sexual bliss, they’re also great for mental, emotional, and non-sexual related physical health. 

Using these kinds of self-care items can reduce stress, release a cocktail of happy hormones, induce better sleep, and enhance our levels of self-love and partnered lust.

From gift boxes, foreplay favourites, and sexual wellness items, to more racy couples sex toys, solo sex toys, and trendy BDSM accessories, there’s something for everybody and every body!

Why? Let’s just say: it’s been a long year, and we all deserve to be spoiled with something saucy to play with.

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Selfless Lovers

Selfless lovers, do you fancy gifting your nearest and dearest with something so alluring, they’ll be able to celebrate as if it were Christmas day all-year-long and beyond? Our range of gift boxes and sets are a great way to let someone know you’re looking out for their sexual wellbeing.

Our Slow Sex Experience Box has all of the sassy items anyone would ever need for a ravishing experience. It contains an anal play gel, finger play gel, oral sex balm, nipple play gel, clitoral balm, full body massage oil, intimate solid perfume, mouthwatering spray for oral, and oral sex strips, as well as a cotton canvas totebag and a travel pouch. 

Equally as tantalising is our Gift Box Slow Sex, which teasingly introduces its receiver to three of our sensual and seductive products. This box contains an oral sex balm, a clitoral balm, and a nipple play balm, all wrapped up with a bold illustration by Marta Piedra.

But if you’d like to be absolutely bold and shower your favourite with a gift box that’s deliciously thrilling, you’ll adore The Most Iconic Bijoux Indiscrets Selection. Inside, you’ll find a slew of bits and pieces for glorious, erotically-fuelled evenings of fun! What bits and pieces, you ask? The Twenty One Vibrating Diamond, items for soft bondage pleasure, as well as fashion-inspired sexy delights.

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Foreplay Darlings

Do you or your loved/lustful one like it slow and seductive? Is there an appreciation for the art of foreplay, mixed with uninhibited teasing and pleasing? Then the Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex range will tick all of your sexy Christmas gift boxes. 

Choose one or more of these flirtatious foreplay items for endless erotic bliss, perfect for the sensually special people in your life:



Sexy Christmas Gifts for Romantic Partners

These sexy Christmas gifts are for those who want to turn up the romance. They were made to awaken the receiver’s most lusciously lustful side using all of the five senses. Our Full Body Massage brims with sexual potential, and allows partners to experience an erotic bit of body-to-body fun. Plus, it smells of delicious coconut! 

And to get even warmer, our Warming Massage Gel gives off an incredible warming effect once it touches the skin. With the blissful smell and taste of coconut, this edible massage oil was made for sensual nights of pleasure.

Or, how about gifting your lovelies with a secret Scented Massage Oil from our Aphrodisia line? Indeed, this Kama Sutra-inspired scented massage oil uses a secret formula—a secret we will never tell! What we can say is: it’s a combination of unique essences that’s loaded with intense aphrodisiac power.

Looking for something even more intimate? Taste, kiss, lick, and swoon over the Kissable Massage Candle—a 2-in-1 pleasure product that starts off with a flame, and ends with the sweet taste of salted caramel. Ignite the passion with fire and delicious lust.

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Swooning Sweethearts

This sexy Christmas stocking filler category was made for those who want to shower their lover with something sultry and steamy to share. Our couples sex toys create raunchy sexual desire, resulting in all kinds of partned fun whenever the moods strikes. 

The Mio Vibrating Cock Ring was made to be worn by penis-owners, and is a flexible pleasure product that enhances both partners’ pleasure. It tantalizes with low rumbly vibes, and gives both penile and clitoral stimulation simultaneously for some seriously passionate trysts. 

Another win for penis-owners is the LELO TOR 2, a luxurious penis ring that enhances erections, and creates a whirlwind of pleasure for both partners during penetrative sex.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a couples sex toy that’s worn by vulva-owners? 

The LELO TIANI 3 Couples’ Massager is also sheer decadence that offers dual stimulation and can be controlled via the wireless SenseMotion remote (aka, a remote that can be controlled simply with the flick of a wrist).

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Saucy Solo Players

Self-care is officially in, and there’s no better way for individuals to celebrate themselves and their gorgeous bodies than to indulge in a sex toy made for solo pleasure.

Vulva-owners will adore LELO’S luxury line of sex toys for solos, including the LELO SONA Clitoral Suction Vibrator, which gently suckles on the clitoris, paving the way for dreamy orgasms. 

There’s also the LELO SILA Clitoral Massager, which is similar to the SONA except it has a bigger mouth and is a little less intense, perfect for beginners to suction vibrators. 

Or fancy double bliss? The LELO ENIGMA is a lavish piece of art that stimulates both the clitoris (using sonic waves) and the G-spot beautifully in unison for earth-shattering climaxes.


But really, there’s no better way for individuals to truly celebrate themselves this Christmas than with the Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Pleasure Ritual. This enchanting pleasure ritual kit has been designed to make one feel like a unique and sexual individual. It helps its users reconnect with their feminine energy by gifting them with a gemstone necklace of their own zodiac sign, and comes with a warming effect Clitoral Balm as well as a Finger Vibrator that’s petite yet powerful. A fusion of sheer ecstasy and spirituality in one glorious pleasure box.

And for the anal enthusiast in your life, the NUO Vibrating Butt Plug is a multi-sensual, dual-motored pleasure product that can be used internally and externally! It’s perfectly-curved to reach those most intimate pleasure spots, and uses a remote control, so a party for one can be transformed into a couples adventure with ease.

Sexy Christmas Gifts for BDSM Fashionistas

Looking for something that’ll enhance levels of sexuality and erotica? These BDSM-inspired fashion items are entirely sultry, perfect for those who want to adorn their body with trendy yet spicy pieces of jewelry. 

Whether it’s a harness, a dazzling collar, sexy body chains, desirable belts, or restraints you’re after, these pleasure products double up as something one can wear on a fabulous night out or during a sassy night in:

Sexy Christmas Gifts for Balanced Babes

Our Christmas resolution is to bring you more sexual wellness products that are not only luscious and lustful, but also natural and safe. That’s why we’ve curated a new line of wellness products! Introducing Sex Au Naturel! 

This line is dedicated to being conscious of what we put on and inside of our bodies, as well as the environment. For that reason, all of our Sex Au Naturel products contain a combination of natural, plant-based ingredients. 

Meet our range of body-safe and environmentally-friendly lubricants that focuses on guilt-free pleasure: 

We’ve also put a lot of focus on sexual wellness products that are brimming with positive energy whilst zoning in on your sexual chakra. Our crystal wand dildos are all about creating a connection of the mind, body, and soul. And because our crystal wand dildos are 100 percent natural, users will be able to dive deep into their more sexually spiritual side in a healing and sensual manner.

Gift yourself or a loved one with either a Saktion Rose Quartz Dildo, a Saktion Indian Jade Dildo, or a Saktion Black Obsidian Dildo, and experience the powerful energy that each crystal brings. Sexual wellness at its purest and most wholesome.

With that, we wish you the most seductive and self-loving Christmas yet. Whether you’re buying something for yourself or someone you cherish, Bijoux Indiscrets has just one wish: that everybody gets the opportunity to experience the true freedom associated with sexuality and pleasure.

Merry Christmas, lovers!

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