When you’re holding your phone in one hand, a little help from the other never hurts

Being single is in! And it’s about time too. Millennials are the first generation to deviate from the popular tradition of marriage, house and kids. Despite being led to believe that the perfect life is achieved alongside a partner, more and more women are turning away from this convention. According to the Spanish Institute of Statistics (Instituto Nacional de Estadística), Spain boasts over four million single-person homes, 70% of which belong to women. Together, FOMO (the ‘fear of missing out’) and the dismantling of romantic myths have moulded a generation of women that is refusing to conform both sexually and romantically.

Add to this the digital boom and you get 29 million+ dating profiles, all hoping to find a match. In other words, an endless supply of people to start a conversation, relationship or fling with. “Society has changed a lot over the past five years. The digital world has rewritten the rules on relationships both on a romantic and sexual level”, comments Elsa Viegas, designer and cofounder of erotic brand Bijoux Indiscrets.

Expanding our social circle via our screens has led to new ways of connecting (‘sexting’: the new cybersex) and breaking up (‘ghosting’: when you connect with someone and then they disappear overnight, turning that blue double tick which was once your best friend into a reminder of what could have been but wasn’t. “In these scenarios, it’s important to remember that all that swiping has to be worth your while”, says Elsa. “Dating apps offer exceptional variety and are a quick and easy way to meet people outside your social circle. However, one thing that remains the same is that there’s no way to guarantee perfection: good chat, a good date and good sex. When things don’t work out, your best ally is a healthy dose of humour and self-love”, she adds. With this in mind, Viegas has created CLITHERAPY, the first collection of orgasm balms designed for dating disasters. “It’s a tribute to women, female pleasure and the clit, placing emphasis on self-love and the fact you’re better off alone than in a bad relationship. In short, it’s a fun way to talk about female masturbation”, comments the designer.

According to Tinder, in Spain alone there are over 15 million swipes every day and, in a bid to put well-trained fingers to good use, Bijoux Indiscrets has launched four warming-effect orgasm balms as remedies for ghosting, sexting, obsessing over your crush and a bad day (think: terrible date, questionable dating profile, etc.).

The magic of these balms is that they enhance clitoral sensitivity and help you reach orgasm. Because, as Elsa says, “when you’re holding your phone in one hand, a little help from the other never hurts”. Her fifth and final remedy is a vibrating bullet that fits seamlessly on your finger whose 10 vibration settings promise to be better than your ex and better than your next. “Your clit is no longer just an organ for pleasure; it’s something to turn to when the digital age deals you a bad hand”, she advises.

So whether you’re about to create your first profile or you’re a seasoned pro, how about you warm up those fingers and show how all that swiping can yield fantastic results? Happy orgasm, babe!


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