Masturbation is your closest ally

Looking good, radiant skin, strong pelvic floor, better sex, and sky-high self-esteem. All of this at your fingertips… Wow. Where should I sign? Surely something like this could only possibly be the result of a magic potion or a mega expensive product, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth: this is the result of your pleasure, nothing more and nothing less. Basically, masturbation brings enormous benefits, so many that it could be your best ally.

Masturbation has been around for a long time. Nobody has been able to demonstrate whether or not our prehistoric ancestors used to masturbate but, bearing in mind that we are mammals and also primates, it seems logical to think that we were, indeed, doing it. These days, the practice of masturbation is common to hominids such as bonobos, little chimpanzees who take full pleasure in their sexuality by having lots of sex with each other, with no regard for the gender of their partner and, of course, masturbating. Considering that we share 99% of our genome with these hominids, it all seems all the more logical. Bonobos use sexual contact for social cohesion, stress relief and the strengthening of emotional bonds between group members: sound familiar? It is clear that for them the idea of “sex for procreation” is a very narrow concept despite not having human conscience. So, is there anything more natural than masturbating?

But if nature itself isn’t enough to convince you to freely enjoy your body, let me inform you that masturbation brings a whole host of benefits, beyond the benefit of pleasure itself. Essentially, pleasure triggers a sequence of actions throughout our body at a physical and mental level, which doubtlessly leave us feeling happier. It is noticeable on the inside and on the outside. 


Wow! You look great!

At some point you will certainly have heard the saying that sex gives you a glow. You have even had people say things such as “hey, you’re looking hot, I bet you’ve just had some great sex.” Well, yes, so listen up. When we talk about sex, we are taking about aaaaalll types of sex, including masturbation. It turns out that our friends, orgasms (blessed be the orgasms) promote skin hydration. Pleasure and orgasms, even when the result of masturbation (not that it’s an inferior practice, mind) facilitate the control of hormone levels, which in turn promotes the production of collagen, that helps skin to remain hydrated. Put your best face forward! 


Sex goddess

Masturbation is an excellent way to explore oneself physically, not only at a genital level, though this is also of interest. Gain awareness of your body, your skin, the space you occupy, which zone turns you on, and which one turns you off, what excites you, what rhythm, what pressure, which textures you can play with, how your body reacts… You can create your own internalised instruction manual. “When you press here, this happens.” All this information can only lead you down the road to good sex, because you will know how and where, and how much. You will appear more secure, more communicative. In simple terms: a sex goddess.


¿Kegel? Not today

Although Kegel exercises are all well and good, you have pelvic floor exercises right here. Yes, literally to hand (if you feel like it). Orgasms are excellent trainers. During an orgasm, your vaginal muscles contract and expand, thereby reinforcing your pelvic floor. The more orgasms you have, the stronger your muscles. And the stronger your muscles, the more powerful your orgasms. Get going, what are you waiting for?! 


The self-esteem that you deserve

The release of hormones after an orgasm is an explosion of good vibes. Not only does it show on the outside, but you feel it on the inside too. And the idea that you feel a million dollars after reaching orgasm is no coincidence. There is a reason for everything. Orgasms release endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine (you’ve heard of them, for sure) and they are, basically, in charge of pleasure and wellbeing. Come on, it’s a natural feel-good fix. 


The smartest cookie in the jar

Not many people know this, but orgasms make you more intelligent. A group from the American University of Maryland stated in the scientific journal Hippocampus that sexual experience is capable of restoring loss in cognition caused by aging, as well as improving long-term memory. However, this wasn’t a permanent effect and, so, no orgasms means no improvement. “When a period of prolonged abstinence was introduced, the improvements in cognitive function were lost despite the presence of more new neurons.” Well, I’ll be damned. 

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