It’s not all about love: The right to freedom of sexuality with the hashtag #SEXISSEX

June is here, the month of Pride, and the hashtag #LOVEISLOVE is exploding all over the social networks. We are delighted, of course, but not about everything. Don’t take this the wrong way, love is all very good; sometimes it is sought after, other times it appears out of nowhere, sometimes it is unrequited and other times it is you that doesn’t want to requite… There are countless types of love: First love, latest love, the most passionate, the one you think you’ll settle down with, and those that remind you there are still other fish in the sea. Love that is a complex, beautiful, and extremely consumed resource in a world that considers itself ever more tolerant. And the question is: Is the world as respectful as it seems? Does the #LOVEISLOVE movement really cut it? Does it mean that if there is no romantic love in the mix (and we dare say that most the time there isn’t) it is less valid?

When we say that love is love, independently of who is offering and receiving it, it makes out that there is no hierarchy in the land of love. No love is better than others because the stakeholders in this love are of equal worth. But would this so if we removed love from the equation? Are there not, perchance, physical connections between people that are not driven by love? We use love to justify arrangements that don’t need any justification: such unions exist and, yes, there certainly is love, but not always. 

The letters TIQ+ 

Of course, championing LGBTIQ+ pride with Love is love means excluding the letters which have little or nothing to do with sexual-affective orientation. People who are trans (transgender and transexual), intersexual, queer (umbrella term to encompass all who are not cis-heterosexual), gender-fluid, gender-neutral and other types of gender dissidence, not to mention aromantic people, are excluded from this movement and remain invisible

But the movement doesn’t just do this to pre-identified collectives, is also renders invisible all those which wish to enjoy their body and those of others, understanding enjoying as being grateful for, caring and loving their body, asserting its identity, choosing to share it for sexual pleasure with as many people as they want throughout their life, as well as by themselves, regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. 


Sex, so sex… passionate sex, eager sex, and desireful sex. Sex which is always consensual, sought after, longed for. Sex between two, three, four…. with whoever and whenever you want. However you want. As simple as that. 

Since #loveislove represents a small part of the fight, here at Bijoux Indiscrets we want to assert the right to freedom of sexual-emotional relations, but also to the freedom of merely sexual relations with the hashtag #sexissex, with no need for judgement or exclusion from a dominant reality. The rainbow of LGBTIQ+ orientations and identities should not rely on anything to proclaim their right to be, enjoy, connect, and develop in their own space in a safe, lawful and fair way. 


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