How to clean your sextoys based on what they’re made from

Cleaning erotic toys correctly doesn’t only mean that you’ll be able to enjoy them for a lot longer, it also means that you’ll be protecting your health.

Whether alone or in company, sex toys allow us to enjoy hours of pleasure without asking for anything in return. Choosing an erotic toy and experimenting with it can help you learn a lot about your own body and all those things that it likes (but you just didn’t know yet). They offer many health benefits and are increasingly more discreet and innovative, but do you know how to look after them?

There is plenty of debate about which are the best sex toys, but there is a distinct lack of information about the right way to clean and store them. If you want to know how to disinfect, sterilise and preserve your erotic devices so that they last longer and you can always enjoy a safe experience, here at Bijoux Indiscrets we are offering you a step-by-step guide so that it is all crystal clear! 


How to clean sex toys?


Not cleaning your sex toys, using the wrong products, or keeping them in an inappropriate place can make them deteriorate and deprive you of their pleasure (and you know how much you love them!). However, going without your favourite toy is not the worst thing: if you have never sterilised or disinfected your sex toys, you run the risk of infections, yeast issues and even sexually transmitted illnesses. Erm, no thank you.


Most sex toys, such as the ones made of medical silicone which sexual health experts generally recommend due to the hypoallergenic materials used, can be washed with tepid water and a neutral soap which contains neither perfume nor chemicals, and preferably has a pH value similar to that of the skin (around 5.5).


In addition to neutral soaps, there are also cleaning products specifically made for sex toys. They can work with all types of sex toy (clitoral suckers, ben-wa balls, vibrators, anal plugs…), even those with the most delicate surfaces. These products designed specifically for cleaning erotic toys don’t contain alcohol, of course, and are easy to use.


It depends on the material


  1. Silicone toys: The best thing is to wash them with a neutral soap or a specific cleaning product. These toys tend to be resistant to high temperatures and moisture, meaning that they can be sterilised in boiling water, the way you might sterilise your menstrual cup, for example. It’s worth adding that this means motorless toys. If your favourite toy is made of silicone but also has a motor (we totally get why you like it) you should find out whether it can sustain high temperatures and if it is waterproof or water resistant.
  2. Latex and jelly toys: Clean them with neutral soap and water, or with a special cleaning product. No boiling water! This can spoil the toy, it’s not as resistant as silicone and we don’t want any disasters.
  3. Toys for penetrating: So often forgotten in this type of publication, but they are as important as all the rest. For sex toys that are like vulvas in a tin, in addition to washing them with warm water, neutral soap or a specific cleaning product, many manufacturers also recommend the use of renewing powders to improve hygiene and durability. Don’t forget – only apply the powder when it’s completely dry. Try turning it inside out down to give it a thorough wash!
  4. Plastic and acrylic toys: The simplest one! Lukewarm water, neutral soap or a cleaning product especially for erotic toys.
  5. Toys which contain glass or metal: These aren’t very common, but they do exist. The best thing is tepid water, neutral soap or sex toy cleaner. These ones you can also disinfect by boiling them in water for a few seconds. Et voilà!


So now do you know how to wash your toys? Do you have an erotic toy which is made out of a material we haven’t mentioned? Do you wash your toys correctly? Tell us all about it. We’re all ears.

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