Erotic massage: when, how and mmmm

 An erotic massage is like a good movie trailer: it can be amazing in its own right and, if it’s reallllyyy good, you’ll want to see the whole film.

 Erotic Guide

Heavenly hands


Here at Bijoux Indiscrets, we know that hands are powerful instruments of pleasure. They are strong, versatile, ready to go whenever and every angle equals a new opportunity to experiment with different movements and textures. It has to be said: after the brain, our hands are our most sexual body part!


Our hands can provide us with an additional experience prior to any ‘sexual’ play, even if it does have an erotic undertone: massage. Massage has the potential to change the way we see sex forever. And for the better! Want to learn how to give the best sensual rub down? Keep reading…


SEXpert masseuse


A good erotic massage makes you relaxed and aroused in equal measure. It’s sexy, it’s fun and, like everything in sex, it’s also pretty subjective – not everyone likes it the same. As in sex, the key to pleasure is communication, but we have to start somewhere. Shall we begin?


  • Take it slow. If you start where you plan to end the massage, you’re doing it wrong. You have to lay the foundations and build things up gradually. Start (for example) with the areas of the body that carry the most tension: the neck, shoulders, lower back. It doesn’t have to be sexual from the get go. You need time as well; it takes two to tango...


  • Different pressures. Gentle caresses should also form part of the massage. Trace your own map of contrasts by stroking the more sensitive zones and go harder on tense body parts or those that can handle a little extra pressure. For example, caress the ribs and massage the shoulder blades. Variety is the spice of life.


  • Gliding. There is nothing worse than a dry massage, where the only thing flowing is your desire for it to end. Sex is wet and erotic massages should be too. So, what do we suggest? Pleasure gels with and without effects. Yes, you read that right. There is a whole host of stimulating gels that can be used on and off the genitals. We recommend these gels for various reasons. First, because if you know that a product is safe to use on intimate areas, there’s no need to stop and switch when it heats up. Massage should be free and flowing. Second, because they are long lasting and specifically designed with massage in mind, which is not the case with a moisturiser for example. And third because, due to the sexual undertone, it’s all the more arousing, ‘happy ending’ or not.


Pleasure drops


When it comes to pleasure gels, we’ve got the crème de la crème for an erotic massage.


Full Body Massage

Looooong lasting pleasure wherever it’s applied. We promise!

Warming Massage Oil

Wow, did you say “warming”? You bet! Blow on this oil to feel the warmth of the desert bathe your skin.

Massage candle

Light a candle. When it melts, pour the oil on the body. And no, it doesn’t burn. Sexy sorcery.

Massage Candle


A touch of rebellion. This gel smells like bubblegum and is the ultimate fantasy.

Aphrodisia 2 in 1

This scent is inspired by an ancient recipe from the Kamasutra – enough said. Innocent massage? I don’t think so…

Erotic Guide 

So, when are you planning your next erotic massage? Got a fail-safe technique you want to share? And what’s your favourite spot for a sensual rub down? Let us know in the comments!


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