Discover your erogenous zones (from the waist up)

Our body is an endless maze of sensitive nooks and crannies. Places where a well-timed caress… with the right texture and the pressure, mmm, just so… could make all the difference between a fleeting moment of pleasure and total ecstasy. 

But bear in mind that erogenous zones aren’t only for helping us reach orgasm and making those orgasms more pleasurable, they also bring us pleasure before we build up to the final moments in sex or masturbation, or simply pleasure for pleasure’s sake, because why not, it’s no more than we deserve. 

When we talk about erogenous zones, we tend to focus on the genital area or other sexualised parts of the body. And, yes, some are located around the genitals, but not all of them; and, of course, neither are they all found in sexualised places like the breasts. 

For a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a group of 30 women aged between 18 and 35 was chosen. Different types of touches were applied to different parts of their body: the perineal zone (clitoris, vulva, vagina, and anus), the nipple and the areola (the darker skin which surrounds it), the breasts, the neck, the forearm, and the abdomen. After stimulating each zone for one and a half seconds, using light touch, pressure, and vibration, the women were asked about what they had felt and they scored each zone out of 10, to form a ranking of erogenous zones for women. The result was the following: 

  • Clítoris (9.1) 
  • Vulva (8.4)
  • Labia menora (7.9) 
  • Cuello (7.5)
  • Breast (not nipples) (7.3) 
  • Nipples (7.3)
  • Inner thigh (6.7) 
  • Nape of the neck (6.2)
  • Ears (5) 
  • Buttocks (4.7)

Above the belt

Although the overall winner always tends to be the clitoris, you can explore from the waist up and feel an alternative pleasure to full sex, which fiction would have us believe is the be-all and end-all, and while we’re at it we learn something. Are you up for it?

Neck: The neck is one of the most sensitive non-sexualised parts of the body. Although it has a very muscular structure, due to the amount of weight it carries, it has fine, sensitive skin which, as well as needing to be delicately cared for, is very prone to pleasure given the right stimulation. Know what’s best? A Pom Pom feather tickler works wonders for caressing the neck. 

Nape of the neck: Though we could stimulate the nape in the same way as the rest of the neck, we are going to propose something different. Do you fancy a massage? We carry a lot of tension around in the nape of the neck and the cervical spine (where the nape meets the shoulders), especially in stressful moments. Use a warming-effect oil, such as the Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil, and rub it into the whole area. Besides being kissable, blowing on it makes it warm up. Perhaps you could contrast this heat with some cold on the… nipples?  

Nipples: A highly sensitive zone. But it’s not all about squeezing, rubbing, and caressing. Sometimes all you need is to create an exciting contrast between a warm body and a cold accessory or product. Ice cubes? Tried and tested, yes, but if you want something sensational and original for nipples, use Nipple Play Gel from the Slow Sex range, a stimulating roll-on cooling-effect gel. And it’s edible too! 

Ears, forearms, hands, and tummy: Caress, caress, and then caress some more. With the lightest touch of the fingers, glide them over these areas in circles or zigzags. For something a bit more intense, you can add some nails or invite your Pom Pom to join in the fun and search out the tickles. For ears, specifically, stimulating the hair around them is enough to drive anyone wild. You have been warned!

But what interests us at Bijoux Indiscrets is where your weak spot is, from the waist up! During masturbation month, we want to know everything about you. Reading what you write is a pleasure!

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