A library full of real orgasms

A dichotomy: Fact compared to fiction; a study, a platform to express yourself and 5 years ahead of itself. The result? More than 1800 real, anonymous orgasms are included in Bijoux Indiscrets’ Orgasm Sound Library project, which commits to sex education, the search for pleasure and rejects fiction as a teacher

The Orgasm Sound Library was launched in 2016. This is  an ambitious project that aimed to point out an incipient problem: Is fictionalised sex affecting our sexual expectations? The answer to this question was obtained after an in-depth study capable of uncovering the prejudices and taboos that influence and condition our sexual behaviour, such as the fictitious vision of sex or female masturbation:

  • 1,465 online surveys.
  • 124 questions.
  • 30 hours of in-depth personal interviews.
  • 500 hours of studying philias, phobias, tendencies and behaviours.

The result? Apart from the data obtained, which were thought-provoking, the need was presenting the results and raise the questions in a format that had to be explicit enough to be recognised as sex and subtle enough not to be marked as obscene. 

And the orgasm sound library of orgasms was born

Fiction sells you A, B or C as sex. Thanks to The Orgasm Sound Library we found out that, nothing could be further from the truth, sex is so diverse that no two orgasms are the same, so how could a complete sexual experience be the same! And what started as a hypothesis, a study and some results, turned into a collaborative, assertive and artistic project that puts colour, shape and texture to real orgasms from all over the world.


But, what is The Orgasm Sound Library?

The Orgasm Sound Library is a digital platform where real, anonymous orgasm sounds from all over the world are stored. Thanks to the platform's algorithm, the pitch, rhythm and intensity of the moan is translated and transferred into a specific shape, colour and texture. 

Furthermore, checking the visual translation of your moans and turning them into a work of art is really easy: All you need to do is record an audio during a pleasure session and upload it to The Orgasm Sound Library completely anonymously. You can add the title and hashtags of your choice to it. The orgasm will be manually validated to avoid sensitive or offensive content and once the filter has been passed it will be available to everyone. The best part? You can download the image to give it as a gift to whoever you want or share the orgasm on different social networks.

Real sounds

More than 1800 orgasms have been uploaded on the platform since The Orgasm Sound Library was started. Hundreds of real orgasms that have opened a new, diverse range to the imaginary of what we consider to be pleasure, because when fiction does not have the purpose of teaching, reality prevails; and that reality can be wonderful.

And although Bijoux Indiscrets has always been fighting for the vindication of female pleasure, with The Orgasm Sound Library, we also launch the possibility of questioning male pleasure and its representation in fiction, so alluded to but so thwarted, as if men did not moan, as if their pleasure is expressed from the duty of the act, the action and not from the enjoyment or delight. And it is that men also moan, and a lot. We have a few orgasms to prove it.

Explosion of colours

The Orgasm Sound Library is already a great audio-visual archive of true pleasure. An explosion of colours that illuminates real pleasure. But we're missing your orgasm! Do you want to be part of the change? Toy, hand or partner; a good gel; 3, 2, 1... recording!


The Orgasm Sound Library is not available anymore. If you're looking for some exciting stories written by real people with dirty minds, check our erotica section.

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