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Aphrodisia · Body Mist

A hypnotic fragrance, made from a secret formula, that captivates the senses.

Dew from the garden of delights combined with the elegance of roses and the lush scents of ylang ylang and jasmine.

Content: Alcohol-free body mist perfumed with the exclusive Bijoux Indiscrets fragrance (100 ml). By Bijoux Indiscrets.

Aphrodisia Essence


Native to Java, ylang-ylang petals are long and soft, forming luxuriant flowers in tones that range from lime green to the brightest yellow. Used in aromatherapy, the essential oil has numerous benefits, including antidepressant properties and the power to relieve high blood pressure. 


Potent and captivating, the star-shaped flower blooms at nightfall to unleash its essence, making darkness the perfect stage on which to act. The coveted jasmine is an irreplaceable component of most perfumes due to its weight and sweetness. 


This essence not only captivated ordinary people but great noblemen and women too. The aroma of roses directly impacts our emotions and, due to its character, is one of the most evocative scents. A good time can be made unforgettable with the captivating essence of this majestic flower.

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