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MAZE · Tassel Flogger

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The MAZE collection and one of its star accessories, the Tassel Flogger, is exactly that — and everything you need to fulfill all your erotic spanking desires. With tassels just long enough to give your partner — or yourself if you’re rolling solo! — a proper pleasurable punishment or soft caressing care after an intense romp, this flogger delivers pure gratification every time it touches the skin. Its strap is strong enough to withstand even the tightest grip should you and your partner decide to take things in a sadomasochistic direction and really push things to the limit. Combine the MAZE Tassel Flogger with the MAZE Wide Cuffs, or any of the other pieces from the MAZE collection, and you’ll certainly have yourself a party for two — or more.

Made from recyclable materials, this Vegan Leather Flogger can be easily washed with a soft damp cloth and mild soap, making it a low-maintenance accessory to keep clean. It’s also PETA approved VEGAN, like all of Bijoux Indiscrets’ MAZE products, so you know you’ll be having cruelty-free fun from the very first flog to the very last one.

Content: Tassel Flogger.  By Bijoux Indiscrets.

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Discover the MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, a stunning range of BDSM accessories crafted from high-quality materials like vegan leather and brass. From handcuffs to harnesses, each piece is designed to provide comfort and durability while elevating your pleasure. Plus, the collection is environmentally friendly, so you can indulge in your desires without harming the planet. Shop the MAZE collection today and experience the perfect combination of style and sensuality.

MAZE · Tassel Flogger · Bijoux Indiscrets

Why do we love Tassel Flogger?

Why did such a tomb exist? Why did an entire ancient civilization have fresco after fresco lauding flogging? Because being flogged feels so darn good! Sure, a spank is great and can even leave a lovely handprint behind, but a proper flogging is what really gets that dopamine pumping through the body.

Fast forward a couple thousand years and we’re now lucky enough to live in a time of high-end, sex-related goodies to make the flogging satisfaction our ancestors were enjoying so much, even more exciting and far more stylish. If you’re going to walk away from a sex sesh with some colorful pink markings on your bum, they might as well have come from something that looks just as beautiful as it feels.

Get Inspired by Tassel Flogger

Even if you’ve yet to be inducted into the delicious world of flogging, you might be curious to know it’s definitely nothing new. Archeologists have found frescos celebrating flogging as far back as 800 BC when the Etruscan civilization inhabited Italy. The Etruscans actually had an entire chamber, aptly called The Tomb of Flogging, dedicated to depictions of erotica spanking in all its forms — and if you’re creative enough, there are a lot of forms and ways to spank someone.

MAZE · Tassel Choker · Bijoux Indiscrets

How to wear MAZE accessories?

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