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Woman wearing magnifique necklace whip. Color gold by Bijoux Indiscrets
Magnifique necklace whip color Gold. Long metallic pendant with metallic whip at the end. by Bijoux Indiscrets
The magnifique necklace whip box by Bijoux Indiscrets

Magnifique · Necklace Whip Gold

Exciting accessory alert! 

The touch of metal chains on your skin awakes your desire! We swear by Riri's lyrics:

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me ( S&M by Rihanna)

A necklace that turns into a whip that punishes with pleasure. 

Content: Metallic chain Whip Necklace; Color: goldBy Bijoux Indiscrets.

Also available in silver color.

Return within 30 days if unopened and unused.



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Kevin S.
simply perfect, genius idea!

This is a genius idea. My sub and I had expected that the tube handle would be quite a bit larger diameter that it turned out to be. In fact it is a slim and elegant tube that really does look like jewellery and without any context no one looking at it being worn would imagine that it was anything but a decorative piece. In our first outing my sub said that I (biosex male identifying male) should wear it to show my dominance. I was happy to agree as ithe necklace is quite androgynous in styling (especially in white metal) and she liked the idea of me wearing her instrument of correction in public. I was also happy to follow her idea but I am intrigued by the idea of the sub wearing their own instrument of discipline and correction and submissively allow their master to remove from their body for discipline. Both scenarios are appealing to us and this neclace/flogger successfully meets both needs. In use as a flogger the fine 'bathchain' fronds do deliver a distinct ting upon contact with the skin. I am not sure that the piece would stand up to a very intense flogging session but this is not heavy duty dungeon equipment it's cleverly adapted jewellery. There no apparent ill effects to the necklace form a dozen or so fairly firm lashes to my subs firm rear and she gave little gasps on impact so overall a huge success for both dom and sub.

United Kingdom
super hot

Super hot. Very nice to feel in the hand

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