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Body Jewellery

How can we say this without being explicit? We can't! You will look f***ing fantastic in this collection. It will look good on you, highlight your skin and curves and most of all, hide a secret that only you will know: they can turn into bedroom fun! Chokers that become playsuits and bracelets that turn into handcuffs! Bikini jewelry, shoulder jewelry, waist jewelry, endless style options... They look amazing over a black dress and irresistible on your bare skin! 

From 24,95€ 40,00€

Magnifique · Shoulders and Back Jewelry


Magnifique · 8 Body Chain


Magnifique · Tickler Pendant Chain


Magnifique · Waist Chain Jewelry

From 27,95€ 35,00€

Magnifique · Handcuffs and Bracelets


Magnifique · Necklace Whip

From 27,95€ 35,00€

Magnifique · Metallic Choker

From 24,95€ 35,00€

Magnifique · I Body Chain


Magnifique · Feet Chains

34,95€ 45,00€

Magnifique · Bra Chain

29,95€ 40,00€

Magnifique · Bikini Chain

29,95€ 40,00€

Magnifique · Back and Cleavage Chain


Désir Métallique · Metallic Mesh Handcuffs


Désir Métallique · Metallic Mesh Collar

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