Hi :) I’ve got something to tell you: We have a club!

Hi! :)

For the first time in the history of Bijoux Indiscrets, I’m taking the plunge and writing you (yes, YOU!) a personal post; there’s never been a better time. Since our beginnings in 2006, we’ve undergone many changes and learned along every step of the way to be more and more consistent with our primary objective: the right to pleasure.

For that reason, on behalf of the Bijoux Indiscrets team, and from my keyboard as I type this message to you now, we’d love you to become part of our story. After a lot of thought and having weighed up all the best options, we have at last come up with the magic formula so that being part of the Bijoux Indiscrets story gets you all the perks that you deserve.

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce our UNAPOLOGETIC CLUB. Founded for you and people like you, a bold and sexy new platform where the only entry requirement is the desire to get involved.

“Okay, Elsa, sure. But what is it exactly?” Essentially, the UNAPOLOGETIC CLUB allows you to enjoy Bijoux Indiscrets while you, well, do you! You can collect points, earn money and win free products. All this with no follower or outreach limit. No limits at all, in fact. “Why?” I hear you ask. Because pleasure has no limit. Am I right? We’ll set you challenges and tasks, and you’ll recommend us to your friends and followers as you become an exclusive Bijoux Indiscrets ambassador.

It would be an absolute pleasure to have you on board. I’ll pop the link below and welcome you with open arms in advance :)

unapologetic club

Now, all that’s left for me to say is “thank you” again for joining us on this adventure.


Elsa Viegas

Co-founder & Designer

Bijoux Indiscrets


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