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BLACK FRIDAY: The smartest shopping you can do for a whole year of pleasure

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Our placing of the words “Black Friday” and “a whole year of pleasure” in the same sentence is no coincidence, because here at Bijoux Indiscrets we want to you make good purchases. You see, we believe that when things are done mindfully, the results are infinitely more pleasurable. For that reason, we are opting for mindful shopping where saving money does not mean wasting money, and where pleasure is not a fleeting sensation.

On Black Friday prices plummet and purchases sky-rocket. In other words, Black Friday is a great opportunity for planning and buying with your brain switched on. Not only will you save a lot of time and money, but you will also have everything that you really need.


A whole year of pleasure

Don’t panic! You still have time to make a list for a whole year of pleasure with an enormous discount, without needing to invest any more time or money than you really need to. Let’s go!


Not without my toy

A little bit of what you fancy does you good and, certainly, a well-chosen sex toy will bring you much more than one year of pleasure. Now, choosing an erotic toy is such a personal affair… but something you can be very sure of is that trying out a new vibrator for the first time is one of the most exciting things out there. Discovering yourself with a new sex toy is a total experience (and very pleasurable, of course).

Verdict: Definitely add a toy to your list if you don’t yet have one or if you want to increase your collection and try out some new sensations.


Slide for pleasure

What must not be missed off your list are lubricants. But, which one to choose? Water-based lubricants at the most convenient because you don’t have to think about when you can and can’t use them. Compatible with toys, oral sex, anal sex, condoms… We could go so far as to say that water-based lubricant is an essential item. 

Verdict: Add a couple of water-based lubes to your list so that you’re ready for action all year.


Orgasm enhaaaaaaaaaancers

Small but potent. Discreet, useful, and incredible powerful. With one single orgasm enhancer you can experience pleasure for weeks. Just one drop is enough to make your clit stand to attention and turn your sensitivity rating up to max. And enhancers won’t only bring you more pleasure during masturbation, they also do it when you’re having sex. The extra stimulation lasts around 30 minutes, and they can also be used with toys and condoms.

Verdict: Add a couple to your list for the year and guarantee yourself some intense orgasms for the next 365 days!


Pleasure accessories

Pleasure is not all about gels and toys, there are also accessories to liven up your sex life: handcuffs, whips, chains… There’s a huge range and choosing is tricky, so we recommend that you start with the softest options, gradually introducing this type of accessory into your bedroom. However, if you are an expert already or one of your fantasies is to try the lot, there is a great variety of add-ons to turn you into a supreme dominatrix. 

Verdict: If it’s your first time and you want to take baby steps, add something soft like a blindfold. More hard-core? Take a look at our bondage-inspired collection.


Empowering accessories

Declaration of intent must be included; it goes without saying. Generally, we don’t pay a lot of attention to the non-palpable or measurable stuff, but it is just as important or even more important than physical pleasure itself. And attitude is everything. There are loads of accessories which can empower the goddess within you. Our advice is to choose a couple of them, the ones you like the most, to give yourself a treat and to experiment, discover yourself and enjoy your body beyond sex.

Verdict: Find a couple of nice little treats that you simply can’t resist and pop them on your list. 



Let us whisper a little something in your ear… in one single stroke you can tick off a whole load of Christmas presents and with an incredible discount to boot. That’s it, off your shoulders, no mad rush (like every year). You save money and stop having to do last-minute thinking about what you need to buy.

You’re welcome.



Here’s a tidy little summary of it all! Take a screen shot of the checklist so that you are sure to buy everything that takes your fancy with a mega discount this Black Friday. We’ll leave you a couple of blank lines for “just in case” items.

  1. In the mood for adventure: A new toy!
  2. Two water-based lubricants.
  3. Two orgasm enhancers.
  4. My favourite pleasure accessory.
  5. A couple of empowering accessories.
  6. Christmas presents, so I don’t forget. 




Black Friday Christmas Gifts

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